A male director has accused director Leesong Hee-il of sexual harassment on social media. Leesong is openly gay and credited for creating Korea’s “first gay feature.”

Image source – Star News, OSEN News

On June 10, male director A, who attended INDIEFORUM, an independent short film festival, posted a message on Facebook as part of the Me Too movement.

According to the director A “at the opening party (of the film festival) on (June) 7th, I experienced sexual harassment and abuse from director Leesong Hee-il and his fans,” he wrote. Further, the victim wrote that during the terrible experience he “suffered from sexual objectification” and that Leesong’s actions were supported by the “active sympathy of three women.”

During the party, the victim claims Leesong told him that he “likes macho style guys like you” and that he “looks delicious.” At the time, the victim said he did not respond and remained silent but felt extreme shame and rage. Notwithstanding his silence, he says that Leesong continued to stare at him until he stormed out of the venue.

Going Public

Afterward, the victim sent a message to INDIEFORUM about the incident. Moreover, he also expressed his desire for them to make an official statement on the matter. Interestingly, the day after the report was made Leesong contacted the victim to apologize. Leesong attempted to explain he thought the victim was gay and was very drunk at the time.

Image source – OSEN News

In response, the victim told Leesong he wanted a public apology. Reportedly, Leesong has yet to respond to or honor the request. Consequently, the victim decided to make the incident public. However, the reason behind the posting is not just to expose Leesong but is also suspected INDIEFORUM. It turns out that Leesong Hee-il was a former chairman of the festival and is still apart of the team, albeit in a different position.

A media outlet reached out to the director Leesong for comment, but he has not responded to inquiries thus far.



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