Rapper and entertainer DinDin shows off a manly and sexy charisma in the latest issue of Maxim magazine.

Image source – Maxim Magazine

At a club in the Eulji neighborhood in Seoul, rapper DinDin posed for a series of photos for the magazine Maxim. The dark and urban vibe of the place complemented the street-wear style that the rapper wore naturally.

Lee Seok-woo, the editor of the magazine who also directed the shoot said they wanted to create a “manly and sexy charisma” image for the rapper. Explaining it further, Lee said they wanted something different from the cute image the artist displays in entertainment ordinarily.

Image source – Maxim Magazine

Recently, DinDin has built a distinguished reputation for himself through appearances on various programs as well as music. After appearing on “Show Me the Money 2” the rapper has appeared in some of the most watched shows in South Korea such as “Happy Together,” “King of Mask Singer,” and “Knowing Bros.” Moreover, this month JTBC announced that he had joined the cast for the reality-variety program “Looking for Trouble” season 2.

Regarding his growing popularity in entertainment, DinDin said, “I am grateful and happy,” but “sorry for my neglect of music” simultaneously. Additionally, the rapper expressed that there have been difficulties being an “entertainment phenomenon,” especially regarding mean comments. Regarding this, he adds perspective: out of the millions of people living in Korea, only about one percent leave comments.

However, bad comments are not going to stop the artist. “I want to jump not only into music, but also acting, business, and all of my other interests,” said DinDin. Further, he revealed that he wants to release a full album before he turns 30.



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