Dean and Won-jaeĀ are the latest addition to a heavy-hitting line-up of featured artists.

Image source – Grandline Entertainment, Harpers Bazaar Korea

Ja Mezz’s upcoming album has an impressive line-up of featured artists. On May 14, an insider confirmed that R&B crooner Dean and “Show Me The Money” rapper Won-jae have participated in the album.

Further, the inclusion of these artists is in addition to confirmed reports that WINNER’s Song Min-ho, Jay Park, Dok2, and Skull have also featured in the new album. Considering that this will be Ja Mezz’s first full album, the support and participation of these other well-known artists is notable. Moreover, “High School Rapper 2” mentors Groovy Room are the main producers of the album.

The combination of these heavy-hitting featured artists is drawing a lot of attention not only for their reputation in the hip-hop community but also for their ability to dominate music charts. Meanwhile, the album is set to release on May 21.

Reportedly, Ja Mezz will show fan his artistic grown and firmly establish himself as a musician. The rapper started his career as a rapper in 2010. Since then, he participated in two seasons of “Show Me The Money” and also released music independently.




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