Singer Crush (26) is making a comeback in early May.

Image source – Amoeba Culture

According to multiple sources on April 24, Crush has set a date for his next comeback — and it isn’t far off.

Reportedly, the 26-year-old singer is coming back on May 3 and is in the final phases of preparation. Apparently, the date coincides with Crush’s birthday. As such, is meant to be a special album for his fans.

The singer is entering the spring music scene which is already filled with powerhouse artists. Some of the artist currently on the charts or are making a comeback soon include Loco, MAMAMOO, and Melomance. If he came back later in the month, he would have had to content with boy group BTS.

On another note, it has been about five months since the Crush’s last album. Last December he released the single “Be By My Side,” which the public loved. Moreover, the public also loved his OST “Beautiful” for the popular drama “Goblin” in 2016.

Having built a solid musical identity since his debut in 2012, the new of new music is drawing attention. Many wonders if his new songs will present a different or similar sound.



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