Crush achieves his dream of appearing on MBC’s “Radio Star” and did not waste the opportunity to mark his presence!

On October 31 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Crush appeared as a guest alongside Jessi and actresses Bae Jong-Ok and Kim Jung-Nan. During the episode, Crush revealed that it has been a lifelong dream of his to appear on this particular program. Needless to say, the singer did not waste a single second of the show to mark his presence in the minds of the hosts, hoping to get another chance to guest appear in the future.

Crush began, “all my friends appeared on the show, but I never got the chance. I thought maybe I wasn’t handsome or funny enough to get invited. The only reason why I agree to appear in MBC’s upcoming program “Under 19″ is so that I could appear on ‘Radio Star.'”

Crush also talked about how he no longer cares too much about his place on music charts. The singer said, “my name says I crush things, but in real life, I’m very timid. That’s why I can’t even look at music charts when I release new music.”

He continued, “I even deleted the music application on my phone. It was hard to see my track, for which I had put all my time and effort, gets its quality decided by the people.” In response, Jessi jokingly said, “don’t even start. You always top the music charts.”

When Jessi talked about the incident where she defeated the malicious commenters on her good friend HyunA’s Instagram account, Crush also shared a story about the time he counter-attacked his own malicious commenters. The singer said, “one day, I was working on my music and people started calling me. It turned out, there was a dating rumor of me and Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Ji-Young. It was a malicious rumor created just for a marketing purpose. I felt used so I had to address them in a public Instagram post.”

Following the story, the hosts asked Crush who his ideal girlfriend is, to which the singer answered honestly, “it’s Irene from Red Velvet.”

The confession surprised everyone since the hosts were not expecting him to name names. Crush continued, “I love it when someone focuses on their work. Red Velvet’s Irene always puts her best effort into every single performance. I got to see her in real life once when we were both promoting around the same time period. When I saw her, I couldn’t help but to say “wow, she’s pretty” out loud.”

Image Source – MBC “Radio Star”

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Translated by Dasol Kim