Actress and “Running Man” member Jeon So-min (32) expressed her belief in the “Me Too” movement — a movement that has spread across society.

Jeon So-min
Actress Jeon So-min makes her way to the “Cross” wrap-up party – OSEN News

On the morning of March 22, Jeon So-min met with reporters at a cafe in Hannam-dong where she reflected on the acting industry. “I’ve been an actress for over 13 years. Now, if I think about the old days (in the business), I’m like “ah, so that’s what it was.” That is the thought that comes to mind. It (sexual misconduct) is a long-term chronic problem.”

The actress’s perspective is an interesting one. While she has not one of the actresses that have come forward as a victim, as a part of tVN’s drama “Cross” she worked alongside Cho Jae-hyun. Last month, the actor released a letter admitting to sexual misconduct in response to a claim made by actress Choi Yool.

Talking about the movement, Jeon said that she “feels bad and sorry” for the victims, but them coming forward hopefully “leads to no other victims.” More, she felt that their impact extends past prevent more sexual crimes. “It would have been difficult to express or reveal (what happened to them) easily. However, even now, the victims give me courage” Jeon admitted.

Further, with the breadth of those exposed in the movement the actress comments that film and dramas are “a very visible area in the entertainment industry, so it must have been chronic everywhere,” implying that more violations are yet to be uncovered.

However, Jeon So-min anticipates allĀ the wrongdoing will eventually be exposed. “Because it is a big issue, actresses have started to talk about it…But it isn’t just actresses. It is something that is happening in ordinary workplaces. It is something that can happen anywhere, regardless of the job.”

Lastly, she said that “there are areas that need to be improved. I think we are all aware and changing. I feel I am making some changes.”



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