SBS “Einstein” siblings Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin got a surprise of a lifetime when soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo walked through the door.

Cristiano Ronaldo meets brother Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin – SBS

On Wednesday’s episode of “Einstein” Cristiano Ronaldo personally delivered a message of support to brothers Won Tae-hoon (12) and Won Tae-jin (12) after personally inviting them to Turin, Italy for a meeting.

The meeting, which took place earlier this month, while brief was inspirational and meaningful for the two, especially Won Tae-hoon. Won Tae-hoon is considered a soccer genius. Cha Bum-geun, an experienced sports commentator expressed awe and admiration after watching Tae-hoon place. “He is like Messi,” Cha said. However, playing soccer is not just a passionate hobby for the young player but is also a means to support his family.

Born to a Moroccan father and Korean mother, the Won brothers first appeared on “Einstein” last may, and have since made over 100 appearances on the show. In particular, as they shared more of their lives with the world, their struggle to make ends meet and spend quality time with each other as a result, touched viewers’ hearts. For Ten-hoon, soccer is the dream solution to his families woes.

During their conversation with Ronaldo, the soccer legend advised them that “in order to achieve your dream, it is important to do your best and trust that the dream will come true.” Ending their time together with a hearty cheer and hugging the brother, Ronaldo made his exit.



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