Korean actress Chae Rim and her Chinese actor husband Jiame Gao say that rumors about their marriage and divorce are fake.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Monday, Chae Rim’s agency Hununs Entertainment made an official announcement condemning rumors that the actress and husband Jiame Gao (also known as Gao Zi Qi) are getting divorced. After checking with the actress, it confirmed that the news is “completely unfounded.”

The beginning of this situation comes from a report by a Chinese media outlet. According to its report, the couple had already divorced sometime late last year. Reportedly, Jiame deleted posted related to Chae on his Weibo account, one of the countries primary social media platforms.

Further, the news outlet said that Jiame stopped following her and even posted messages that followers interested as relating to Chae. There was no accurate fact checking, and reports appear to be based on hearsay than documented proof.

The unverified news made its way to South Korea, where reported reached out to Hununs Entertainment for an official statement. Seeming to find the situation a bit contentious the agency said that “it is not worth responding to” but they will “officially announced our position to correct the news” and hinted at a possible conspiracy. The agency commented that the situation was too big to be considered a mere miscalculation and wanted to put an end to it as soon as possible.

Image source – Weibo

Recently, “fake news” has become a growing issue in China with unverified reports circulating unchecked spawning public confusion.

Another prime example is a story that circulated last month saying that Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo had divorced. The so-called proof reportedly came from pictures of the two not sporting their wedding rings.

With these news stories damaging the reputation of celebrities, the public and their fans are growing upset.

Meanwhile, Chae and Jiame started their relationship while starring in “Lee’s Family,” a Chinese drama on CCTV. In 2014 the couple married in South Korea and China. Then in 2017, three years after their wedding the two had their first child. Last year, Chae returned to Korean television in the entertainment program “Eat in Style.”




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