Pepero Day is just around the corner, and all of Korea’s chain convenience stores and marts are full of special variation of the cookie in anticipation of the event. However, one chain has decided to above and beyond with their promotions this year.

Image source – GS25

The November 11 holiday Pepero Day just over a week away. With many different stores carrying gift packages of the cookie on their shelves, one found a way to stand out. GS25, a Korean convenient store chain, decided to do something different this year. The store has partnered with the CEO of Beyond Closet Go Tae-yong to make a limited edition package.

In this package, which have the concept “I Love Pet” (sic), makes use of the signature animal characters of Beyond Closet. These cure characters decorate boxes that contain eight boxes of Pepero. Additionally, each package has a randomly assorted strap keyring and pop-up pin attachment.

Talking about the collaboration with GS25, Go Tae-young said that he is “happy to introduce Beyond Closet to more people with Pepero.” Adding onto that, he hoped that couples would be able to use it a meaningful gift to someone that they love or for themselves.



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