Hong Yoon-hwa, a comedian, has become the talk of the town as she successfully lost 30 kilograms.

Image source – JDB Entertainment

Hong Yoon-hwa has had a busy year. On top of preparing for her upcoming wedding, the entertainer has also been active in different programs with filming taking place all over the world.

Yet somehow, during her busy schedule hong manage to shed 30 kilograms, which is roughly 67 pounds. During their same period of time, the comedian also provided tips and shared pleasant communications with fans through YouTube, drawing even more attention.

Prior to her marriage to fellow comedian Kim Min-ki, Hong started to diet openly, declaring her goals to lose 30 kilograms. As she proceeded through her journey she was selected as Korea’s first chicken breast store model due to her meal plan that utilized lean protein and exercise.

Hong Yoon-hwa, who has continued for eight months, surprised the public by reaching her goal. In return for the support and attention she received, Hong delivered her own know-how through the “Yoon-hwa was pretty” series.

In the first episode of “Yoon-hwa Was Beautiful,” that was released on October 22, Hong delivered real information about her diet and saved some time to answer some frequently asked questions. In particular, she tried on the clothes she wore before and after losing weight, demonstrating how much weight she had lost.

In addition, she released some clips o his journey to lose weight, proving his lack of lip service and genuine hard work.



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