Police investigators have increased the number of locations where former nation short track speedskating coach Cho Jae-beom raped Shim Suk-hee from three to at least four.

조재범 전 쇼트트랙 국가대표 코치 [뉴스1]

According to the special investigation team out of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, speed skater Shim Suk-hee reported that there are more places where Cho Jae-beom sexually assaulted her.

Shim previously pointed out that Cho forced himself on her at the Jincheon Athletic Village and Korean National Sports University’s locker room. During the investigation, investigators identified an additional location where the crime took place. Ultimately, the number of suspected places where Cho sexually assaulted Shim have increased from three to at least four.

The police, however, refrained from commenting, saying “we cannot disclose details because the investigation is ongoing.”

After completing a field investigation, police will examine the probability of proving Shim’s allegations against Cho with the evidence gathered. Part of the evidence will likely come from information found on his cellular device.

Earlier, police discovered that Cho has asked Shim to use the secure messaging application Telegram to communicate. Authorities seized his mobile device to conduct a digital forensic investigation to find any evidence of abuse or assault in their communications over the years.

According to a new report, police were able to restore some of the lost data and plane to focus part of their investigation on securing evidence through an analysis of this data. Moreover, the police will likely visit Cho, who is currently serving jail time for physical assault charges, and will question him on the matter.

Meanwhile, Cho’s legal representative has stated that the coach denies all allegations of sexual assault.




Translated by O.C