Soon after a claimant came forward saying that Dok2’s mother never paid back a 10 million won loan, the rapper addressed the issue directly in a live broadcast saying they should get in contact.

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The claimant who came forward saying that Dok2’s mother still owned them 10 million won, expressed his gratitude and support for the rapper on Tuesday.

“He called me right after the incident, expressed his intention to pay for (the debt), and handled the problem neatly,” the claimant, a former classmate of Dok2’s mother said. The individual who has not revealed their identity added that they were thankful for the rapper’s understanding and sincerity. Further, the personals also said they would support the artist going forward.

On Monday, a news outlet published a report about an individual had loaned Dok2’s mother 10 million won after the financial crisis in the late 1990s to help her with her business. However, Dok2’s mother never paid this person, referred to as ‘A’ in the article, back. In response, ‘A’ filed a civil suit in 2002 with the Daegu District Court for 11.55 million won, winning the case in the next year in April. Despite that, even after the ruling, ‘A’ did not get a single payment.

Dok2 responded to the claim with a bit of skepticism, saying that 10 million won was not a significant amount, but also expressed that he was willing to pay any debt that his mother may have and encouraging the claimant to contact him.

Dok2’s press release on Nov. 27 informing the public that he had settled with the matter with the claimant

The rapper’s comment about the 10 million won received┬ásome heat from netizens. As public opinion worsened and a petition was created asking for a tax probe into the rapper’s finances, Dok2 provided an update on the situation. On Tuesday he revealed that had finally resolved the case with the claimant.



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