The planned recording for an upcoming episode of “The Fishermen and the City” starring rapper Microdot (Shin Jae-ho) has been postponed.

마이크로닷은 ‘도시어부’에 출연하고 있다. [일간스포츠]
Image source – Channel A via Ilgan Sports
On Thursday, the production crew behind Channel A’s sports variety show “The Fishermen and the City” announced that they’ve postponed a scheduled filming for an upcoming episode.

According to a show official, they had planned to go to Jeju Island on Friday to record a special feature. However, with the emergence of the controversy surrounding cast member Microdot’s parents, they had to face a hard decision. Reportedly, they had to decide whether the rapper would appear or not. In the end, production decided to postpone the entire episode in the end.

Recently, people came forward and accused the rapper’s parents of fraud. While the accusation was initially denied, as more victims emerged, Microdot admitted that the allegations are true. “Although I know it is too late, I will meet every single person that was affected by my parents’ actions and apologize to them face to face,” he said on November 21.

A police officer associated with the case said that they will continue the investigation based on the rapper’s apology. In particular, they are considering requesting the repatriation of the accused couple through INTERPOL. Currently, they reside in New Zealand. However, this will only be the case if they do not voluntarily return to be questioned. Thus far, they are considering asking INTERPOL and New Zealand authorities for cooperation.



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