The two singers have confirmed that they will be part of MCountdown’s new global MC crew.

Image source – OSEN News

On April 26, Mnet revealed that solo singer Chungha and Wanna One member Daehwi will be the first MCs as part of the network’s “global crew.” Both of the singers are fluent in Korean and English.

Additionally, fans of the show are interested in the “couple chemistry” the two will have as MCs. Further, the two will have their first recording on April 26.

As part of M Countdown’s recently announced restructuring, the music show and chart announced a changed to their MC roster. Going forward, they will be selecting idols capable of speaking foreign languages to make up a “global MC crew.”

In this position, MCs will introduce special segments of the program in different languages. With this new facet, Mnet hopes to engage their audience of increasingly international K-pop fans. Notable, the MC will change every week.



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