Choi Jin-Hyuk confirms to star in upcoming SBS thriller with Jang Nara!

On October 15, reports stated that Choi Jin-Hyuk has already confirmed his next drama, following the end of “Devilish Charm” on MBN. The actor will appear in the upcoming SBS thriller, “Dignity of an Empress” (literal translation), which also stars Jang Nara.

Image Source – G-tree Creative

The upcoming drama “Dignity of an Empress” will also star Jang Na-Ra. It is set in an alternate reality, where South Korea is still under the constitutional monarchy. A musical actress named Oh Sunny (Jang Na-Ra) becomes an overnight Cinderella when she marries into the imperial family. However, she manages to fight against those in power in order to find her true love.

In the drama, Choi Jin-Hyuk will take on the role of Na Wang-Sik. He is a mysterious bodyguard at the palace with unrivaled fighting skills. Ultimately, he ends up assisting Oh Sunny on getting vengeance on the royal family.

G-Tree Creative, the agency of Choi Jin-Hyuk, said, “we are being rather careful with the news since there is not enough released information regarding Choi’s character in the drama. We are worried that a full description of the character could spoil the drama’s plot.”

“However, Choi will play in the role of Na Wang-Sik, the male lead character who is brave enough to fight against the powerful loyal family to help the female protagonist, Oh Sunny. We think it will be safe for you to look forward to seeing a different side of Choi Jin-Hyuk,” concluded G-Tree Creative.

Meanwhile, “Dignity of an Empress” also confirmed to star NS Yoon-G, who officially began her acting career as Kim Yoon-Ji. The drama is scheduled to premiere in November.

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Translated by Dasol Kim