The movie “Along with the Gods” faces a difficulty due to the ongoing controversy of sexual harassment of Korean celebrities. The production team decides to replace actors Choi Il-hwa and Oh Dal-su, who are directly involved in the controversy.

Choi Il-hwa recently admitted to sexually harassing a colleague from a play several years ago. Before the scandal broke out, he had already filmed for “Along with Gods: The Last 49 Days.” However, a source from “Along with the Gods” stated that “while it is true Choi Il-hwa was to appear in the movie, we are currently looking for an actor to replace him”

In addition, “Along with the Gods” is casting another actor to replace Oh Dal-su and re-filming his scenes as well. Even though Oh Dal-su contributed to mobilizing 14.41 million viewers with his unique comic performance in “Along with the Gods: The Two World,” his traces are completely removed from the sequel.

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Translated by Dasol Kim