Plan A Entertainment has responded to the accusation that a famous Chinese Singer Chi Yi Ting has plagiarized Apink’s hit track “My My” for her latest release.

Chi Yi Ting (曲一婷), a famous Chinese singer/social network celebrity, is currently in hot water with people accusing her of plagiarizing Apink’s “My My” for her September release “Lucky Card.”

After the celebrity released “Lucky Card,” some Chinese netizens found the similarities between the two songs and suggested at a possible plagiarism. More specifically, the netizens argued that the accompaniment resembled much to that of “My My,” and the heat started to fall heavily on both Chi Yi Ting and the writer of “Lucky Card,” Wang Ji-A Chung.

When the controversy started to become bigger in size, Wang responded, “I’ve been notified with the similarity between the two songs. It appears that they share a similar musical accompaniment. However, we did not realize the problem while working on the production.”

He continued, “we received the track from a third party arranger. In order to determine the responsibility, we are currently taking the procedure to terminate our contract. Moreover, we would like to clarify that the singer had nothing to do with the plagiarism controversy. At this time, we kindly ask that you refrain from making negatory comments towards her.”

In response, Plan A Entertainment said, “after checking the facts with copyright experts, we will discuss further action regarding the controversy.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim