Max Changmin from TVXQ said that he felt the value of labor once again after taking on the challenge of being a chef on “72 Hours.”

Image source – OSEN News

Before the group’s concert “Circle #Welcom” at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on May 6, Changmin shared a few words with the press. In the conversation, the singer talked about TVXQ’s recent reality program “72 Hours” where the members took on their alternative dream profession. As such, Changmin became a chef and Yunho a kindergarten teacher.

Speaking about the experience, Changmin who worked at a restaurant run by Choi Hyun-suk revealed that he did not have the “slightest desire” to go to work there. In fact, he says he intended to cook and eat different food at home. However, it was thanks to the staff that he attempted to be a chef in a commercial establishment.

Moreover, the challenge of being a chef left the singer with a positive impression. “It was a lot of fun,” he said. Further, “I felt once again how sacred, valuable and rewarding labor is,” Changmin explained. Adding to his earlier comment, the singer said that regardless of the results he felt alive while doing it and felt that it was the time he spent as a chef was valuable.

Likewise, Yunho felt the same explaining that he liked children since he was young. Since he always took care of his cousins while growing up, actually being a teacher was a “meaningful and warm memory.”

Meanwhile, “Circle #Welcome” is TVXQ’s first domestic concert in about three years. The show is expected to have around 22,000 audience member over the next two days.



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