Kim Yuna to Perform at Overseas Ice Skating Show for the First Time in 6 Years

The “Ice Queen” Kim Yuna is traveling overseas for an ice skating show for the first time in 6 years.

According to the sports star’s management agency All That Sports, Kim Yuna is making appearances in “Revolution on Ice.” The show will take place in Murcia and Gran Canaria on Friday and Dec. 26, and in Madrid on Dec. 28 and 29.

“Revolution on Ice” is a show hosted by Spanish figure skater Javier Fernandez. Fernandez won the bronze at 2018 Winter Olympics, bringing home a medal from winter game for the first time in 26 years.

For the show, Kim is flying to Spain, making an appearance in an overseas show for the first time since the ice show in Shanghai in 2012. Kim plans to donate her pay to UNICEF.

“I’m really excited to participate in an ice skating show taking place abroad,” said Kim through All That Sports.


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“Iron Man on Ice” Yun Sung-Bin Wins Bronze in IBSF Competition

Yun Sung-bin, know as “Iron Man on Ice” due to his helmet resembling the Marvel hero, took home a medal in his most recent competition.

Image source – OSEN News

Olympian Yun Sung-bin ranked third with a combined time of 1 minute and 42.40 seconds at the first round 2018-1029 IBSF (International Bobsled & Skeleton Federation) World Cup on December 8.

Held in Sigulda, Latvia, Yun’s first and second run had a time of 51.22 and 51.18 seconds, respectively. In first place was Pyeongchang silver medalist Nikita Tregubov (23, Russia) had a combined time of 1:41.87. Martins Dukurs (34, Latvia) took silver with a time of 1:42.24. This is a slight shift from last year’s competition where Yun ranked first.

There is another competition is scheduled to take place on Friday, December 14, in Winterberg, Germany. Yun will be starting 9th.



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Samsung Electronics Extends Its Official Olympic Sponsorship to 2028

Samsung Electronics will officially sponsor the Olympics until 2028. As such, it has extended its original contract by eight years from 2020.

Image source – Samsung Electronics

On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics signed a contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to extend its official sponsorship contract to the 2028 Summer Olympics Games in Los Angeles.

The president of Samsung Electronics Koh Dong-jin, along with the company’s vice chairman Lee Jae-yong signed the contract with Tsunekazu Takeda, chairman of the IOC Marketing Committee, and IOC president Thoman Bach present.

Under the sponsorship contract, Samsung Electronics will participate in the wireless and computing field until the 2026 Winter Olympics and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, following the 2022 Beijing and 2024 Paris Olympics. The venue for the 2026 Winter Olympics is still undecided.

Through this sponsorship contract, Samsung Electronics has secured rights not only for wireless and computer products, but also for 5G, AR (Artificial Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies that operate on products.

Talking about the contract extension, Koh said that they would help to “spread the Olympic spirit” and contribute to the event “through wireless and computing technologies that have led to human innovation and fourth industrial technologies that will open up the future.”

Likewise, Bach said the IOC is happy to work with Samsung for another 10 years. Samsung Electronics and the IOC have a long relationship going back to 1988 Olympic Games in Alberta, Canada. Continuing, Bach added that “as the IOC and Samsung have had a great partnership for the success of the Olympics, we will continue to connect Olympic fans around the world and spread the Olympic spirit.”



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Jung Hyo-Jung Wins 2018 Women’s Fencing World Cup Individual Title

Jung Hyo-jung, who comes from Busan, overcame multiple strong competitors to secure her fencing title.

Image source – Fencing Association

Veteran female fencer Jung Hyo-jung (34) won the Women’s Fencing World Cup individual title held in the capital of Estonia over the weekend.

Jung won the titles after beating Hong Kong’s Man Wai Vivian Kong, an Olympian, in a 10-6 match. Before meeting Kong in the finals, Jung dueled with Olena Kryvytska from Ukraine, winning with an 11-5 result in the 32nd round. More, she also bested Melissa Goram from France (7-1) and met Italy’s Alberta Santuccio in the semi-finals. After a close match, Jung advanced to the finals by winning a 9-8-1 victory.

Meanwhile, Jung has also won medals at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.



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Former Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon-Jae to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

Former rhythmic gymnast and current sports commentator Son Yeon-Jae declares war against malicious commenters.

On November 2, the agency of Son Yeon-Jae reported, “the habitual malicious comments and attacks of netizens with adverse intentions have gotten out of control. We will no longer overlook the excessively ill-natured behaviors.”

Image Source – KBS

The following is the official statement from HCP:

Hello, this Son Yeon-Jae’s agency, HCP. We hereby announce to take legal action against baseless rumors, malicious comments, defamation, and personal attacks that were made towards Son Yeon-Jae.

Recently, we’ve noticed that the habitual malicious comments and attacks of netizens with adverse intentions have gotten out of control. As a result, we came to a conclusion that we will no longer overlook these excessively ill-natured behaviors.

For a while now, we have been gathering the necessary data and evidence to make our case, and we are currently in the process of filing our legal complaint. At this time, we strongly assert that we will show no leniency or give out the option of making settlement regarding the legal outcomes.

In addition, we will continue to protect our artist’s privacy and rights by continuing to monitor and gather necessary data to further our case.

Please send your love and blessings towards Son Yeon-Jae, as she contributes to improving the future of South Korea’s Rhythmic Gymnastics industry. Thank you.


Meanwhile, Son Yeon-Jae recently debuted as a commentator through the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games and returned to the floor within a year of retirement. Moreover, she also signed a new contract with sports management company, HCP. At the time, the agency had said, “we are glad to have Son joining our family. We promise to always respect and prioritize her wishes and opinions before planning for her future activities.”

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F.T. Island Lee Hong-ki Goes On to 2nd Round of Professional Bowling Tournament

Lee Hong-ki from F.T. Island overcame the first hurdle in a professional bowling tournament.

Image source – Korea Pro-Bowling Association

On October 14, the Korea Pro-Bowling Association (KPBA) reported that F.T. Island Lee Hong-ki scored an average of 197.1 points during the first round of the 2018 Korean Professional Bowling Tournament. Almost 500 people put their skills to the test at the Big Ball Bowling Stadium in Suwon in Gyeonggi Province.

According to KPBA, male contestants advance to the second round if they score more than 190 points on average in the first round of evaluation. Further, it is only after the third round that the final successful candidates will be determined.

Given that information, Lee has made it to the second round. The singer started taking an interest in bowling as a hobby, but as his skill and passion for the game rose and he decided to take on pro-bowling. Two years ago he challenged Kim Soo-hyun and became the talk of the town. However, he was eliminated sometime after the second round after getting an average of 177.2 points.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong-ki ranked 43rd in Group A in the first round of evaluation, where 404 men were divided into two groups. The second exhibition will be held in November.



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Short-Track Speedskater Viktor Ahn Announces Retirement

Viktor Ahn, a six-time Olympic gold medalist, has officially announced retirement!

Viktor Ahn, a South Korean-born Russian short-track speed-skater, has announced his official retirement at the age of 32. Consequently, it has increased the possibility of the athlete’s return to his motherland for the first time since his departure in 2012.

Viktor Ahn showcased his extraordinary talent at the 2006 Winter Olympics, when he won three gold medals while competing for South Korea as Ahn Hyun-Soo. However, the athlete soon ran into a few conflicts with the South Korean coaching staff, ultimately switching his allegiance and becoming a Russian citizen.

Afterwards, the speed-skater won three more gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics while competing for Russia as Viktor Ahn. With this, he became the most decorated short-track speed-skater in the Olympic history.

Regarding the athlete’s retirement, the president of the Russian Speed Skating Union (RSSU) Alexei Kravtsov shared a few comments. He said, “we sincerely thank him for everything he had done for the development of short-track speed-skating in Russia. We will always welcome him with open arms should he decide to work with us again in the future.”

Meanwhile, Ahn was excluded from participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics in February, after the International Olympic Committee refused to invite him. According to the committee, with the Russia’s sports doping scandal of 2016, they still had “lingering suspicions.”

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South Korea’s Kim Seo-young Wins First Swimming Gold Medal in 8 Years at Asian Games

Yonhap News

South Korea’s female swimmer Kim Seo-young (24) has won a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

On August 24th, Kim came in first place with the record of 2:08:34 during the women’s 200m individual medley final, which took place at the Indonesia Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno swimming pool.

With her record, Kim Seo-young has won the gold medal.

Yonhap News

Kim’s record is not only South Korea’s best record in history, but also in the Asian Games’ history. Her rival swimmer Yui Ohashi (Japan) came in second place with the record of 2:08:88, which was 0.54 seconds behind Kim’s record.

Kim Seo-young’s gold medal is the first gold medal in 8 years that South Korean’s swimmer has won in the Asian Games, since the 2010 Asian Games.


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We’ll get though this thorny path” National Team Coach Shows Determination

Many challenges lay ahead of Korea’s national soccer team, but coach Kim Hak-bum is sure they will succeed.

Image source – Daily Sports

Kim Hak-bum, the head coach for Korea’s national soccer team at the Asian Games, demonstrated his, and the team’s determination to win prior to their match against Kyrgyzstan on Monday.

As they trained at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium on Sunday, Kim shared some of his thoughts for the upcoming game and its significance. “There is no backup plan for tomorrow’s game,” he said. “We will play every game at the end and try out best.”

If the national team manages to overcome Kyrgyzstan’s team, it will secure the second place in Group F. Additionally, it will go on to the round of 15 starting on the 23rd.

Coach Kim understands the situation and divulged that he had decided on the starting players for tomorrow after thinking about it a lot. However, although there may still be some lingering worry, the coach expressed determination and faith in the skills of the players to make it through.


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KBS and MBC to Alter Broadcast Schedule in for 2018 Asian Games

Broadcast companies KBS and MBC plan to alter their schedule for the 2018 Asian Games in Bahrain.

On August 15, KBS and MBC announced their plans to alter their broadcasting schedule for the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games competition. As a result, as they make space for preliminary matches between counties, it also pushes regularly scheduled programs aside.

KBS will delay both “Mr. House Husband 2,” which airs on KBS2 TV, and the drama “Your House Helper” for 30 minutes. On the other hand, MBC has decided to cancel the broadcasts for “Daughter-in-law in Wonderland” and “Time” for the time being. More, “Radio Star” has been pushed back to 11 pm local time.

According to the broadcast companies, viewers in both Korea and Bahrain are interested in the women’s basketball qualifiers between Korea vs. Indonesia and Korea vs. Bahrain in Group E. Further, many are also looking forward to seeing how Korea’s national soccer team will perform.

Conversely, SBS, which has no live coverage at the Asian Games will air its programs with no changes.



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