Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hye-soo to Work Together in Next Film

Actor Yoo Ah-in has chosen his next film.

According to multiple sources from the film industry, Yoo Ah-in has decided to join the film The Day of National Bankruptcy (Dir. Choi Gook-hee).

Yoo Ah-in will be continually on screen with Burning (Dir. Lee Chang-dong) and National Bankruptcy. 

National Bankruptcy is a film about the 1997 IMF (International Monetary Fund) era in Korea and unreleased stories behind the issue.

Top actress Kim Hye-soo was fascinated by the scenario and has decided to appear on the film earlier. Through this film, therefore, Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Ah-in are reuniting for the first time since the 2007 movie Skeletons in the Closet.

The new film will be produced by production company ‘House’ and distributed by CJ Entertainment. The shooting will start in December.


Original article
by Cho Yeon-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung

Queer Love Film ‘Method’ to Hit Theaters + Press Conference Held

‘Method’ is an upcoming queer film that tells the love story between a male idol and an actor.

On Oct 23, the director and cast of upcoming film, ‘Method’, held a press conference at CGV Yongsan. Director Pang Eun-jin and actors Park Sung-woong, Yoon Seung-ah and Oh Seung-hoon were present.

‘Method’ is about two actors – Jae-ha and Young-woo, who use method acting to get immersed in their characters. The two get absorbed to the point where their acting causes a real-life scandal.

Jae-ha (Park Sung-woong) and Young-woo (Oh Seung-hoon) meet through a theater production called ‘Unchain’ and fall in love. Amidst this, Hee-won (Yoon Seung-ah), Jae-hae’s girlfriend, is forced to watch her lover fall for his fellow co-actor. The film talks about dangerous love and the relationship between all three characters.

This film marks rookie actor Oh Seung-hoon and veteran actor Park Sung-woong’s first queer film. “The kiss scene [with Oh Seung-hoon] was a challenge for me, but the more you get to know Oh Seung-hoon, the easier it is to fall for his charms,” Park said.

Oh Seung-hoon shared his thoughts on the film from a rookie perspective. “I thought being a rookie actor meant I had to work hard in everything and that veteran actors didn’t have to work as hard. I came to my senses after witnessing Park Sung-woong sunbaenim’s efforts and was able to regain my focus after seeing his performance,” he said.

“The two characters’ love is an infatuation.”

Yoon Seung-ah gave her opinions on the two main characters’ love and her character, Hee-won. “I think the two characters’ love is an infatuation. Hee-won is not consumed by their reality. She is someone who helps bring the two back to their centers – a cool-headed character.”

Actors Park Sung-woong and Yoon Seung-ah praised the rookie actor’s performance. “Seung-hoon stood out to me as I was observing the audition with the director. He never lost his nerves in front of me,” Park shared.

“Since this is was my first appearance in a while, it took some effort for me to get used to the environment. I was happy to work with Park Seung-woong sunbaenim, and Oh Seung-hoon is very charming person. I enjoyed working with them,” Yoon said.

‘Method’ will hit the theaters on Nov 2.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang

EXO D.O. and Choi Dong-hoon to be Korea’s Ambassadors for Macau International Film Festival

EXO Do Kyung-soo (D.O.) and “Assassination” director Choi Dong-hoon are the Korean ambassadors for the 2nd annual International Film Festival and Awards in Macau.

Film festival

Do Kyung-soo and Choi Dong-hoon’s appointment and attendance was a direct request from the film festival organizers. Furthermore, the two will also have the honor of officiating the opening of the ceremony on December 8. As a result, they will also actively participate in promotional events and press conferences.

Interestingly, the attendance of the prominent actor and director is representative of a larger trend. The film festival has steadily attracted the attention of Korean actors and directors — notwithstanding it only in its second year.

Moreover, attracting special guests to attend and participate in promotional events is apart of a larger project by the festival. Among other things, organizers hope to bolster the reputation and prestige of the festival by successfully inviting respected and popular guests.

Given the scandal involving the Busan Film festival, the largest in East Asia, the project arises at an advantageous time. Last October Hankook Ilbo uncovered a government blacklist of over 9,000 artists based on deviant political activity. Additionally, the list was endorsed by Kim Se-hoon, now former Korean Film Council Director, and Suh Byung-soo, former Busan Film Festival chairman. Consequently, the festival’s reputation as a leading event of and for reputable talent is now disputable.


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F(x) Amber Filming for a New American Movie

On September 19 SM Entertainment confirmed that F(x) Amber is currently filming for a new movie in the United States.

Amber attends AERIN launch event in Seoul – OSEN

Amber made her acting debut with the tvN dark comedy “Entourage” back in 2016 alongside Lee Kwang-soo. In the end, it seems that she enjoyed her acting experience and is now pursuing more projects. Her graduation from the small screen to the big screen is being assisted by Angela Shelton, the director of the American film.

The film, “The Eagles and The Albatross” will star both Shelton and Amber and is an independent film. However, this means that most likely, it will not have a commercial release. “The Eagle and The Albatross” is a golf-theme, which will make for an interesting and captivating story.

Since F(x)’s last album in 2015, Amber has been engaged in personal activities including music collaborations and filming.

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Star-Studded Red Carpet for “Memoir of a Murderer” VIP Screening

The new psychological thriller, “Memoir of a Murder”, drew some big names for its VIP screening on September 6.

Sung Kyung-gu, AOA Seol-Hyun, Kim Nam-gil, and Oh Dal-su at VIP Screening of “Memoir of a Murderer” – OSEN


“Memoir of a Murderer” main cast Sol Kyung-gu, AOA’s Seol-hyun, and Kim Nam-gil looked positively stunning during the premier and screening of the new thriller. But they were not the only ones to capture the attention of fans and eager paparazzi.

Jimin, Hye-jeong, and Chan-mi from AOA all came in force to show their support for Seol-hyun’s second big screen roll. In addition to the girl group members Im Joo-hwan, Mon Ga-young, I.O.I’s Jeon So-mi also arrived for the VIP screening.

“Memoirs of a Murder” tells the story of former murderer Byeong-Soo (Sol Kyung-gu) who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer caused by an old car accident. This is all good and well until  Byeong-Soo begins to suspect that his daughter’s boyfriend, Tae-ju (Kim Na-gil), is a serial killer. Unfortunately, protecting his daughter (Seol-hyun) and investigating Tae-ju proves difficult as his memory and sense of reality slowly slip away.

Kim Young-ha’s popular book, “A Murder’s Guide to Memorization”, is the inspiration of the new film.


Ha Ji-won to Attend Venice International Film Festival For ‘Man Hunt’

Actress Ha Ji-won will be attending the Venice International Film Festival for the film, ‘Man Hunt,’ directed by John Woo.

‘Man Hunt’ is one of the entries for the 74th Venice Film Festival. The film’s first screening will take place on September 8, with the actors in attendance.

The film is a collaborative project with actors from South Korea (Ha Ji-won), China (Zhang Han-yu, Qiwei), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan (Fukuyama Masaharu). Ha Ji-won plays the killer beauty Tzuyu and takes on challenging action scenes.

The actress, currently starring in the new MBC Wed-Thurs drama ‘Hospital Ship’, requested a schedule change to attend the festival on September 6. She will not be able to attend the 42 Toronto International Film Festival, however, due to drama filming. Upon her arrival at the Venice International Film Festival, she will attend the movie screening for ‘Man Hunt’ and participate in an event and interview with Director John Woo.

‘Man Hunt’ tells the story of a fair lawyer who gets embroiled in a murder case involving his colleagues. He struggles to find out the truth after receiving a false accusation. The film will premiere in Asia at the end of the year.


Original article
by Kang Suh-jung

Translated by Janet Kang

These 3 Korean Films Will Leave You Cold

Desperation wedges these characters between a rock and a hard places, built by crimes and lies that do not pay. The only thing left for them is redemption or the end. Check out these films that are perfect for a serious movie night.

Sea Fog (2014)

A fishing crew led by Cheol-ju (Kim Yun-seok) down on their luck takes on a dangerous commission to smuggle a group of illegal immigrants from china to Korea for a big payday, but with great penalty if they caught. The first time human smugglers soon discover the grim reality that comes with this business and their morals, ethics, and humanity are pushed to the brink.

Starring: Kim Yun-seok, Park Yoo-chun, Han Yeri

The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (2015)

Tittering on the edge of losing his job as a reporter and his family Moo-hyuk (Cho Jung-seok) receives an anonymous scoop about a recent murder. A personal investigation seems to prove the scoop true and could be the key to Moo-hyuk’s way back into the black. But things are always what they seem and Moo-hyuk finds himself trying to maintain a lie — that is until a series of copy cat murders begins to happen. Thankfully this movie has nice bits of humor that help to make this film less heavy and daunting.

Starring: Cho Jung-seok, Lee Hana, Lee Mi-sook

The Treacherous (2015)

Madness takes hold of King Yeonsan after the murder of his mother and his subsequent quest for revenge. His tyranny corrupts the land and it is only a matter of time before his actions have consequences. Little does the kind know what the consequences may come from his very own bed.

Please be advised that this film is for mature audiences. This film contains violence and nudity so it you can’t handle blood or human bodies being….separated unnaturally or the depiction of sexual acts this may not the be film for you.

Starring: Ju Ji-Hoon, Kim Kang-Woo, Lim Ji-Yeon

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“Battleship Island” Released Nationwide in U.S.

Fans awaiting the release of “Battleship Island”, which stars Joong-ki Song and Jung-min Hwang, can now see the World War II escape thriller at participating CGV, AMC, Century, and independent cinemas, according to the U.S. branch of CJ Entertainment.


Inspired by true events, “Battleship Island” earned $27.9 million its opening weekend through an wide release in Korea. The film was released on 2,027 screens taking up about 85% of South Korea’s available commercial screens. Although the film has proven to be a success with over 4 million people having already gone to see the film, it has received mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike.

Are you planning on seeing the film this weekend? Let us know!


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3 Scary Korean Movies to Give You the Chills

There is a reason behind the release of horror films during summer — the terror of the films will give you chills that will cool you in the summer heat. Do believe it? Give these three films, available on Netflix, a try and see if you stay cool for the rest of the day.

The Wailing (2016)

When a mysterious disease leads to death and chaos in a mountain village, a policeman with an infected daughter consults a powerful shaman. This film makes you uneasy in that you do not know who is telling the truth or who is lying.

Starring: Kwak Do-won, Hwang Jeong-min, Chun Woo-hee

Manhole (2014)

A serial killer abducts a young witness and flees down a manhole to his hideout. When her sister enters his lair, the girls plot a desperate escape. The flickering lights that stand between a teenager and her attacker who stands in the distance start the movie off with a intensity and a chill that will last for the duration of this thriller.

Starring: Jung Kyung-ho, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Sae-ron

The Silenced (2015)

In the 1930s, a girl is sent to a boarding school where she notices that strange things are happening to her schoolmates. There is something unsettling about the film that ligers until questions are answered as the film progresses. The film takes place when Korea was occupied by Japan so expect an equal amount of Japanese and Korean.

Starring: Park Bo-young, Uhm Ji-won, Park So-dam

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What to Watch on Netflix this Weekend



Okja is a film that tells the story of Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn) and her best friend and pet super pig Okja. However, when the Mirando Corporation, multi-national business, wants to kidnap, study, and use to alleviate world hunger Mija goes on a journey to save Okja. The two find themselves caught in the crossfire between animal activism, corporate greed, and scientific ethics.

“…the two find themselves caught in the crossfire between animal activism, corporate greed, and scientific ethics.”

Starring:  Seo-Hyun Ahn, Tilda Swinton, Giancarlo Esposito, Jake Gyllenhaal

Director: Joon-Ho Bong ( Snowpiercer, The Host)

Okja was released simultaneously on Netflix and in traditional cinemas in the U.S. and South Korea on June 28 EST. Prior to the film’s official release it has already been in the news because of Netflix’s plans to release the film online, which could possibly cut into theater’s profits.

With a number of hot-button issues some people may take issue with the content matter, but at the heart of the movie is a touching friendship and the reality and issues of our time.