IU to Make Film Debut through Netflix Original

Singer-turned-actor IU is going to be featured in upcoming Netflix Original, “Persona.”


“Persona” is a series of four short films. In the series, four movie directors including Lim Pil-sung, Kim Jong-kwan, Lee Kyung-mi, and Jeon Go-woon portray IU as their personas. The Original series is to depict various faces of the actress.

Since the debut, IU has made a number of popular songs as a young singer-songwriter. The singer made her acting debut through Korean drama “Dream High” in 2011, which was followed by various Korean dramas of different genres.

This time, IU is once again going to show her originality through a specially formatted series.


Yoon Jong-shin, the head producer of Mystic Entertainment, also participated in the production of “Persona.” For the first movie project of Mystic Entertainment, Yoon Jong-shin took part in the production from the very beginning.

“Persona” will be available on Netflix in April.


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Gong Yoo and Park Bo-Gum to Co-Star in Upcoming Film

Actor Park Bo-gum has confirmed to act in an upcoming film, which previously announced to star another top actor Gong Yoo.

Images in courtesy of Blossom Ent. (left) and Soop Ent. (right).

Park Bo-gum has recently announced his plan for the big screen comeback. For the first time since “China Town” 4 years ago, the actor will star in a film, which talks about human cloning.

“Seo-Bok” (working title), follows a former CIA agent who tries to save the first-ever human clone from de facto forces. The film is Gong Yoo’s upcoming project as well, as he is to star as the former agent. Park Bo-gum suitably is to act the role of the human clone.

In addition to its cast members, the upcoming film grabbed attention for being the first Korean film to talk about human cloning, Movie fans are anticipating to see how Park Bo-gum is to carry out the role using his “too-perfect-to-be-human” appearance, alongside the veteran actor Gong Yoo.

With the cast members for the lead roles confirmed, “Seo-Bok” will start the filming in April.


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Actress Song Ji-Hyo Begins Filming for New Mystery-Thriller Film

Actress Song Ji-hyo and actor Kim Moo-yeol are the lead characters in a new thrilling film about a brother and sister.

Song Ji-hyo and Kim Moo-yeol have been cast as the lead characters in an upcoming mystery-thriller film Daughter, which is directed by Son Won-pyeong and produced by BA Entertainment. According to one report, the two actors began filming on February 13.

In Daughter, Kim and Song take on the role of Seo-jin and Yoo-jin, respectively, who are brother and sister. But they don’t necessarily have a normal and healthy relationship. The tension and distrust that comes between partially come from Yoo-jin who suddenly reappears after having gone missing for 25 years.

Additionally, having been traumatized from her disappearance, it is hard for Seo-jin to come to terms with her existence. Unfamiliar and wary of his sister after over two decades apart, he watches her closely for clues about where she has been and what she had been up to.


Kim Moo-yeol in the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade


Kim Moo-yeol, who has experience in both television shows and films, is considered a prime actor to play Seo-jin. In this role, he is expected to show a wide range and spectrum of emotion that supersedes his previous characters.

Likewise, Song Ji-hyo will as Yoo-jin deviates from her mature romantic characters of the past and her “girl crush” entertainment show persona. Instead, she is mysterious, emotionally unavailable and dangerous.

Song Ji-hyo on the set of Daughter – MY Company/ BA Entertainment

However, Kim and Song are not the only famous names involved in the Daughter. The film’s director and screenwriter is Sohn Won-pyeong, a notable writer who is the recipient of several literary awards. Her novel Almonds, which was awarded Changbi Publisher’s Young Adult Literature Prize, and The Counterattack of Thirty, established her unforgettable presence in the Korean literary world over the course of about three years.

Notable, before delving into book writing, Sohn directing and producing short films such as Cine21 (2001), Your Meaning (2007), and Good Neighbor (2011). For her work, she received an award at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival and the 7th Seoul International Film Festival. With Daughter being an original screenplay from Sohn’s mind, it is already generating a buzz.




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Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi Wish You “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Film Innocent Witness’s cast Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi look adorable in a new post shared on social media.

On February 14th, Lotte Entertainment posted a photo on its official Instagram and wrote: “Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sweeter than chocolate! Book a seat for a stage greeting and see Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi in real life”.

In the shared photo, Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi are smiling at the camera while biting chocolate.

Meanwhile, the two first met 17 years ago while filming a bakery commercial together, and when Kim Hyang-gi was a child model. The two met for the second time for the movie Innocent Witness.

In Innocent Witness, Jung Woo-sung plays a lawyer who needs to find evidence to prove a murder suspect is innocent. And Kim Hyang-gi plays an autistic girl, who was the only witness of the incident.


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Movie ‘Extreme Job’ Surpasses 10 Million Audiences


Movie Extreme Job (dir. Lee Byung-hun) has surpassed over 10 million audiences.

According to the data provided by Korean Film Council, Extreme Job had 10,003,087 accumulated viewers until 12:25PM on February 6th (KST).

Therefore, Extreme Job is officially the 18th Korean movie to have accumulated over 10 million audiences in history. If we include foreign films such as Avatar and Avengers: Infinity WarExtreme Job is the 23rd film in history to have over 10 million audiences. In the comedy genre, the film has become the 2nd film to surpass the number after Miracle in Cell No. 7.

Since Extreme Job was released in theaters on January 23rd, it has been #1 in box office for more than 2 weeks. Lee Hanee, who is one of the film’s main cast, shared a celebratory post on her Instagram.



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‘Mal-Mo-E’ Sells More Than 1 Million Tickets Within 5 Days

The newly released movie Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission sold more than 1 Million tickets in theaters within 5 days showing the ticketing power of actors Yoon Kye-Sang and Yoo Hae-Jin.


On January 13 at 12:00 PM (KST), it was reported MalMoE sold 1 Million tickets at the box office on its 5th day in theaters. With the main protagonists as actors as Yoo Hae-Jin and Yoon Kye-Sang, the ticketing power of the duo once again prevailed.

MalMoE is a historical film set in the 1940s when Korean, as a language, was banned during Japanese Colonization. In the film, illiterate Pansu (Yoo Hae-Jin) meets Chosun Language Institute’s director Jung Hwan (Yoon Kye-Sang) to embark on the secret mission to create a Korean dictionary traveling all over Korea while meeting comrades with the same desire to preserve their native language.

The film has been garnering rave reviews on various sites due to the various funny and heart wrenching scenes that touches the viewers’ hearts. MalMoE has been ranking No.1 beating Wreck It Ralph 2 and Aquaman at the box office since its release.


To celebrate the success of selling more than 1 Million tickets, actor Yoon Kye-Sang updated his fans with a behind the scenes photo from the movie set. He captioned the photo with “MalMoE #Commemorating1Millionviews #MalMoE #firstfilmingsceneforboxofficesuccess” on his Instagram account.

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Actor Lee Si Eon Cast In First Leading Role For Upcoming Movie

Actor Lee Si Eon finally cast in first leading role for upcoming movie I Killed My Wife.

Joins News

Actor Lee Si Eon (MBC’s I Live Alone) finally gets his first leading role in 10 years. Actor Lee will be the protagonist for the upcoming movie thriller I Killed My Wife directed by Kim Ha Ra. The movie is based on a Korean Webtoon of the same title where a man wakes up with his wife dead and no memories of the previous night. As the main suspect, the protagonist will experience various trials to find the truth. The Webtoon depicts the struggles in daily life, family relationships and the complexity of human nature.

Actor Lee Si Eon will be showing a different side from his other works like LivePlayer and Reply 1997 building anticipation for many fans.


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This Korean Film Was Named on Obama’s Favorite Movies of 2018 List

“Burning,” a Korean film starring Yoo Ah-in and Steven Yeun, was listed by Barack Obama as one of his favorite movies of 2018.

On December 28, the former President of the United States released his list of favorite books, movies, and songs this year. On the list of 15 movie titles, director Lee Chang-dong’s “Burning” was named along with “Black Panther” and “Shoplifters.”

“Burning,” which was released in the local theaters in May, is based on the Japanese short story “Barn Burning” by Haruki Murakami. The film stars top Korean actor Yoo Ah-in and Korean-American Hollywood star Steven Yeun.

Despite its disappointing box office results in the home country, “Burning” was appreciated by many, being selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.


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‘The Drug King’ Beats Out ‘Aquaman’ at the Box Office

For three consecutive days, The Drug King beat out Marvel’s Aquaman and Swing Kids.

According to the Korean Film Council, the movie The Drug King starring Song Kang-ho, Jo Jung-suk, and Bae Doona beat out Aquaman and Swing Kids, which were released on the same day.

The film delves into one of the drug peddling scandals in Korea that took place in the 1970s. The narrative along with the integration of music and style of that era have served to create a fantastically enthralling and thrilling world for viewers.

By Saturday, the film has garnered 938,773 admissions. That is a difference of more than 100,000 with Aquaman (844,379) and about half a million more than Swing Kids (525,688) on the same date.



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‘Burning’ Becomes the First Korean Film to Receive a Foreign Film Oscar Shortlist Nomination

Lee Chang-dong’s film Burning has been nominated in the 91st Academy Awards.

Burning has become the first Korean film to be nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Film category. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the news on Tuesday with the release of Oscar shortlist in nine categories.

The film is included in a shortlist of nine candidates for the Best Foreign Film category and may compete with some familiar rivals. In particular, Burning is up against Shoplifters (Japan) which won the Palm d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, beating out Lee’s film. Also on the list of contenders is Alfonso Cuarón’s critically acclaimed film, Roma. The list will be narrowed down then introduced formally by the Academy.

However, Burning has earned several accolades in its own right with many critics citing great narrative, cinematography, and acting. Moreover, this is not unfamiliar territory for the director either. This is the second time that one of Lee’s films have been nominated for an Academy Award.

Earlier this year, Bong Joon-ho’s Okja was listed as a first-round candidate in the visual effects category but failed to gain a final nomination. If Burning is included as a finalist, it will be the first Korean film to be officially admitted to the Academy.




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