BLACKPINK Jennie Leads Beauty Ideals Shift from Hot-Girl-Next-Door to Luxurious

For the first time in almost half a decade, the ideal “beauty goddess” of the South Korean entertainment industry is changing.

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Beauty brands put a lot of data behind the faced they choose to model their products to capture the attention of women, who are usually high-spending consumers.

Brands measure various indexes to determine who women admire and want to be like. From this, the beauty advertising industry has revealed a change in the idealization of beauty through their marketing. New faces have begun to edge out previous long-lived celebrity brand models as new “beauty goddesses” signaling a change in beauty perceptions.

In particular, BLACKPINK member Jennie, who had a solo debut last year, has been working as an ambassador and model of several different brands for about a year. As time has gone on, her marketability has made her the most in-demand brand model out there upsetting actress Jun Ji-hyun‘s position. Since about 2015, Jun had acted as a model and standard beauty symbol in various advertisements. It is the first time in four years that another star has risen to rival her status.

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A representative from one brand said that Jennie’s rise has to do with her different look.

“Jennie has an elegant and luxurious image,” said the representative. It appears that the hot-girl-next-door image that stars like IU, Suzy, and Seolhyun have, while still marketable, may not be in as much demand.

Jennie is known as the muse of costly and opulent clothing and cosmetics. Nicknamed “Human Chanel” due to her liking of the brand, she had become a model coveted by several brands like Chanel. Along with her role in the current generation’s expansion of the Hallyu wave, she now plays a highly influential role domestically and globally.

Image source – JTBC

If Jennie works for the younger consumer group, actors from the JTBC drama” Sky Castle” have stepped into the role of models for an older generation.

Mo Art, a cosmetics company, recently selected Kim Seo-hyung and Oh Na-ra as advertising models for a new product it plans to launch. Talking about the two, the company said that they not only showed acting skills but also had good looks and great skin that belied their real age. Additionally, Yum Jung-ah is also discussing possible deals with several companies. One is reportedly looking to build a campaign around the character she portrayed in the drama.




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Mugwort Is the New Green Tea of Korea’s Dessert Scene

Those who first come up with the fusion of green tea flavor and desserts – and I want to thank them, whoever they are – must have shouted, “Eureka!” The substantial bitterness of green tea balances the sugariness of a dessert, whether it’s a cake or ice cream or whatnot, creating one perfectly harmonious flavor. In addition, it is one of the simplest ways to give nuances of Asian food to European desserts.

In Korea, there is one ingredient rising just as much sensational: “ssuk,” or mugwort. A type of herbs commonly found in Korea, mugworts are applied in various ways in Korean cuisine. Typically, its leaves are added to soup or Korean rice cakes to give a uniquely refreshing taste.

Recently, an increasing number of dessert shops are utilizing the herb to make dull desserts anew. From ice cream to tiramisu, you can find every imaginable variation of mugwort desserts from the list below.




Madame Tiramisu

Madame Tiramisu, as the name says, is a dessert cafe specialized in tiramisu. In addition to the classic tiramisu, they make the creamy Italian dessert in various flavors. Matcha Green Tea, Banana Caramel, and Pumpkin are equally unique, but Mugwort surely is what stands out the most.

The gooey texture of Madame Tiramisu’s cake meets the dense scent of mugwort, creating a unique dessert. Those who try a mugwort dessert for the first time might find it unfamiliar as their Mugwort Tiramisu have a rather strong taste.



Jaein is a dessert boutique located in the quiet neighborhood of Yeonhee-dong. Opened only a few months ago, it’s rising as the hottest dessert place and most items are sold out before closing.

Jaein makes seasonal cakes in addition to the whole variety of small cakes and sweets like Madeleine, cookies, financier, and pound cakes. Among those, Mugwort Madeleine is many people’s favorite. A hint of mugwort’s scent amplifies the subtle savor of the Madeleine, which is finished by bean powders.


The Martin


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The Martin is a compact ice cream stall located in Seochon’s tranquil alley. The ice cream shop is famed for making small batches of quality gelato using organic ingredients.

In addition to the traditional gelato flavors, The Martin twists the Italian ice cream by using local ingredients from Korea. Its dense and rich texture is a perfect match for mugwort flavor.




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Omoknooni is a dessert cafe most well known to make a variety of delectable scones. In addition to the English tea food, you can also find the complete set of mugwort desserts and drink – Mugwort Scone, Mugwort Cake, and Mugwort Latte.

Mugwort Crumble Cake is the latest creation of the cafe, which is already beloved by many. Sweet mugwort cream is sandwiched between cake sheets and the whole thing is topped and enriched by mugwort crumbles.


Re, Birds


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Re, Birds has been releasing a series of mugwort desserts seasonally. Since its opening last summer, the small dessert cafe has been serving its own mugwort creations ranging from cookies, pound cakes, scones, Madeleines, to cheese terrines.

Among many, Mugwort Cheese Terrine stands out the most. Cheese terrine, which is basically a slice of gooey and dense cheesecake, has swept Korean dessert trend once. Re, Birds’ Mugwort Cheese Terrine is an upgraded version of that, using mugwort cream or bean cream to revamp the flavor.



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Singer Dana Shed 35 Pounds in Three Months Thanks to a Strict Diet

Singer Dana surprised fans after she revealed the results of an intensive weight loss diet.


When Dana ended her hiatus last year, fans were shocked by the singer’s drastic change. Her significant weight gain left her a shadow of her former idol self.

Looking to lead a healthier life and regain her self-esteem, the former member of The Grace embarked on an “open diet program” where she shared her weight loss journey with viewers through the program “Danalda” that aired on the Life Channel.

Viewers supported Dana’s candid and unflinching desired to shed extra weight. According to the singer, this journey all included overcoming emotional baggage linked to a breakup, the loss of her brother, and insomnia.

Now, having shed 35 pounds, the singer plans to continue dieting and working out for the rest of the year. “I am going to work harder to lose weight for the rest of the year,” she said in a statement, “I won’t disappoint fans who expected to see a healthy change.”

Before starting her strict diet, Dana clocked in as 176 pounds and is now at 151 pounds.




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Celebrity Baby William Hammington Greeted by Indonesian Fans in Bali

Instagram @williamhammington

Korean-Australian baby William Hammington might be the youngest member of the ‘Hallyu’ stars list!

William Hammington is the first son of Australian comedian Sam Hammington and his Korean wife Jung Yu-mi. The Hammington family is currently appearing on the KBS 2TV show ‘The Return of Superman’ where Sam takes care of his two sons, William and Bentley, alone.

On February 5th (KST), William’s mother posted several pictures of William on his official Instagram.

In the pictures, William and his brother Bentley are looking at the camera at the airport. The caption says: “We are vacationing to Bali~ Looking forward to meet people in Bali~~ Happy New Year~~”.

Several hours after the post was shared, some fans in Bali went out to the Bali airport to welcome the Hammington family. Below are some of the posts the fans have shared on Instagram.


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Clara Reveals Her Luxury Newlywed Home in Seoul

After her surprise wedding last month, actress and model Clara has settled into her new luxury home in Seoul.

Image source – OSEN News

Clara’s super luxurious newlywed house has been unveiled on a recent episode of SBS’ E-News Exclusive,” which first caught up with the actress as she was preparing to leave for her wedding in the U.S. “I’ll live happily and prettily. Thank you and please support us,” said Clara with a smile.

Early last month, the actress and model held a private ceremony in the U.S. where she wed a Korean-American businessman who is two years her senior. After their ceremony, the two settled into their newlywed home in the Jamsil Lotte World Tower Signielin the Songpa district of Seoul. Notably, since the episode aired, the building has begun trending on various search portal sites.

Image source – SBS

In an interview with a building official, “E-News Exclusive” was told that the lowest price for a home was around 4 billion won, around 2.67 million dollars. Likewise, the official commented that the “best price” is 34 billion won ($30.36 million). This is a property that celebrities inhabit with JYJ’s Junsu and actor Jo In-sung being among her neighbors.

In the episode, Clara showed off a few rooms in her house including her dining and living areas. Further, on social media, she also shared additional photos of the view from her home, a Steinway piano, and green garden area.

Image source – Instagram

As she reveals more aspects of her new life, many are sending her messages of congratulation, love, and happiness there is a small segment who say that luxury lifestyle is too far from the way that ordinary people live.

Meanwhile, Clara debuted as a commercial model and slowly transition into acting in 2006.





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Amber Liu, Park Na-Rae, Chungha and more featured in Nike Women’s Campaign

Artists BoA, Amber Liu, and Chungha, entertainer Park Na-rae, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun participated in Nike Women’s latest campaign.

Nike Korea

On January 31, Nike launched 2019 Women’s Just Do It campaign to support ambitious women who believe in their possibilities and to encourage women to choose self-driven lives.

As a part of the campaign this year, Nike introduced women in various fields who aspire to find the true value and energy against social stereotypes.

In addition to Amber Liu, who has established her own style free from the popular standards, multi-talented entertainer Park Na-rae, courageous vocalist Chungha, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun are featured in the campaign video titled, “Believe in the Greatness Called You.”

In addition, BoA also participated as a narrator, conveying the message of infinite possibilities for women who believe in themselves.

“I tried so hard for such a long time to fit into the popular standards,” said Amber. “But I found myself going further from my fundamental self, which frustrated me.”

She continued, “I made myself stronger through sports and endeavored to find my true self. Now I love and respect as the way I am.”

Launched by unveiling the campaign video, 2019 Nike Women’s Just Do It will be followed by various events that encourage women to express themselves through sports.


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7 Michelin Starred Restaurants That Are Worth to Visit in Seoul

1. GAON – 3 Stars

 M Floor Holim Art Center, 317 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu

Price: Dinner set 220,000 ~ 290,000 (Won)

2. LA YEON – 3 Stars

Address: 23F The Shilla Hotel, 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu

– Lunch set 103,000 ~ 195,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 175,000 ~ 270,000 (Won)

3. KWONSOOKSOO – 2 Stars

Address: 4F, 37 Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Gangnam-gu

– Lunch set 66,000 ~ 100,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 145,000 ~ 185,000 (Won)

4. MINGLES – 2 Stars

Address: 757 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu

– Lunch set 75,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 150,000 (Won)

5. ALLA PRIMA – 2 Stars

Address: 13 Hakdong-ro 17-gil, Gangnam-gu

– Lunch set 60,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 138,000 (Won)

6. JUNGSIK – 2 Stars

Address: 11 Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu

– Lunch set 66,000 ~ 165,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 130,000 ~ 200,000 (Won)

7. KOJIMA – 2 Stars

Address: 6F Boon the shop, 21 Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gangnam-gu
– Lunch set 200,000 (Won)

– Dinner set 380,000 (Won)


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GOT7 Mark Say That the Group Is Always His Focus

As time goes on the different charms of GOT7 Mark, the shy visual, slowly come to light, but through the five years that the group has been together, one thing has not changed his focus on the group.

GOT7 member Mark decorates the pages of The Star‘s February issue in a unique eye-catching pictorial. In the shots, the rapper dons a variety of different pieces including a sequined shirt, a jacket that appears to be filled with fabric flowers, and patterned trousers.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Mark takes about a few things that have caught his interest recently. In particular, he has found a fashion has grabbed his attention. “Nowadays, I’ve been interested in fashion which came about after I took pictures for different fashion magazines by myself,” said Mark.

Moreover, he has found that unusual piece to be exciting. “This time, I tried on a pair of short pants for the first time, and it was cool,” he said adding that having to try on different clothes for these shoots have allowed him to show different sides of himself.

Besides fashion, the GOT7 member has been exposed as quite the trickster thanks to his participation in the XtvN show “GOT7 Real Thai” that is currently broadcasting. “Everyone said they were surprised by my playful sense of humor. Originally, I like to tease and play around with my friends (privately). But this time around, I think I’m more comfortable,” he admitted.

However, above all of this, Mark said that his greatest interest lays with his group, GOT7, both its success and personal development. Since making their debut five years ago, the members have grown together. “Out team GOT7 always. Now that we’ve made out debut, the members have created many of our own stories and give each other strength.”

With that said, it seems like he has finally made peace with his identity and career. “I once thought, ‘what am I doing?'” Mark reveals when thinking about being a K-pop idol. Now, “I definitly like it, but I was confused about whether it was right for me or not.”

A lot of this acceptance has come with time and GOT7 increasing control over their music and means of communication with their fans. Although he was very determined to be top brass when he was a trainee, once he debuted with the group, the long hours and hard work was a difficult adjustment. “I don’t want those kinds of days now. We wanted to communicate with fans like we do now and make the music we wanted to do.”

Further, although he has been doing a few photo shoots by himself, he hopes that everyone will get to know the group through him.




Image source – The Star Magazine

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Makeup Artist Risabae Perfectly Does ‘SKY Castle’ Kim Joo-young Makeup Cover

Are you a fan of the “hit” drama ‘SKY Castle’, too?! Check out this video and see how Risabae transforms into the character Kim Joo-young through makeup.

Korea’s Most Delectable Doughnut Shops

Who can resist freshly fried dough that’s covered with colorful sugar frosting? Unfortunately, doughnuts are not the most common breakfast items found in Korea. However, a small number of quality doughnut shops are there to fulfill our cravings for everyone’s favorite sweet breakfast choice, late-night treat, or a random mid-day snack.


Old Ferry Donuts

66, Hannam-daero 27-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Old Ferry Donuts

Originally renowned for its much grammable “donut float latte,” Ferry Roasters launched a cafe specialized in doughnuts last year. Located in the quiet back alley of Hannam-dong, the stylish doughnut shop is always packed with people – and dogs, as this dog-friendly cafe is visited by many dogstargrammers.

Ferry Roasters

What Old Ferry offers is not one of those conventional doughnuts. Instead, you can find large fried dough bombs filled with cream or jam. The cafe is also enthusiastic about creative flavors. Their dessert-inspired doughnuts, which include tiramisu and crème brulee, are must-try.


Fluffy Doughnut

163, Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Fluffy Doughnut

Fluffy Doughnut is Yeonnam-dong’s new hottest cafe. The doughnut shop, which opened only about a month ago, is already visited by hundreds of people every day.

Fluffy Doughnut’s fried delicacies are characterized as conventional doughnuts with creative twists. Flavors like Mango Glazed & Caramel or Vanilla Glazed & Orange Jam make doughnuts more like delicate desserts by using unexpected flavor combinations. The raspberry-flavored “Simpsons” doughnuts and Maple Bacon doughnuts are some of the customers’ favorites.


Cafe Knotted

53, Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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If you’re attracted to the famed “Mr. Holmes” style doughnuts rather than colorfully glazed doughnuts, Cafe Knotted has something like that. The whole variety of cream-filled and sugar-coated doughnuts are available at this cafe in Cheongdam-dong.

Flavors range from the predictable ones like Vanilla and Nutella to the more creative ones like Tiramisu, Pistachio Fig, or Red Bean Butter. The available flavor options look various enough to satisfy any palate.


Noe Bakery

25, Udong 1-ro 20beonga-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan


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Noe Bakery in Haeundae, Busan, is known to make healthy and delicious baked doughnuts. The showcase is filled with baked dough coated with colorful frostings.

Noe Bakery’s doughnuts tend to reflect trends well. The stellar “Galaxy” doughnuts and cream cheese topped red velvet doughnuts, as well as some seasonal flavors, are all available at Noe Bakery.



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