Fried Chicken Preferences Are Shifting to Local Eateries in South Korean

For years, the fried chicken market had been dominated by big name conglomerates, but this is changing. Fried chicken has become a quintessential late-night snack for many South...

SHINee Thanks Fans for the Past 10 Years in New Pictorial and Interview

SHINee participated in a pictorial and interview for the June issue of South Korean fashion magazine, 'Marie Clare.' During the interview, boy group SHINee mentioned their upcoming comeback...

Weki Meki’s Kim Do-Yeon Shares About Recent Reunion of I.O.I

Weki Meki's Kim Do-Yeon recently participated in a pictorial with 'Star&Style Magazine At Style' for their June issue. The pictorials featured Do-Yeon with hand bags from J.Estina and...

Korean “Ssam Sauce” Rises to Replace Sriracha, in Partnership with Heinz

International condiment producer Heinz is suggesting a new possibility of the spicy Korean sauce by teaming up with Momofuku. Have you been to a Korean barbeque restaurant and...

Everything You Need to Know about Han River Water Fountains

Is summer hitting the Korean peninsula earlier than usual? As the average temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celsius on May 15, people in the country are...

Study Finds That South Korean Men Buy More Brand Clothing Than Women

Korean men tend to buy more famous brands to women when shopping online. E-commerce company Timon analyzed 2-years of sales in the fashion category and discovered that male...

Korean Beauty YouTuber Risabae to Release Song

Renowned Korean beauty YouTuber Risabae surprised her fans with news to release a song. On May 14, Risabae announced through Instagram that she is participating in a project...

Court Rules Restaurant Can Repackage Uneaten Delivery Food

A recent court ruling in Busan dismissed charges against a restaurant owner for repackaging food orders that a customer did not eat. Earlier this month, Judge Shin Hyung-chul...

7 Deadly Spicy Dishes You Can Find in Korea

Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes Spiciest Korean Dishes  

Best Neighborhoods in Seoul for a Mom and Daughter Date

GAROSUGIL – Shopping The street located across Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong-dong, Garosugil is one of the most well-known shopping streets in the city. Ranging from cosmetics to apparel to...