‘Chameleon’ Taeyeon Graces Her Beauty on the April Issue of ELLE Korea

Former Girl’s Generation leader Taeyeon graces the April Issue in Elle Korea.

Artist Taeyeon (30) graced the April issue of ELLE Korea showing off her everlasting beauty. The former idol’s professionalism and chameleon like adaptability is reported to have made all the different lipstick colors (pomegranate red, neon orange, bubblegum pink, ripe plum etc.) give different vibes proving her status as a ‘beauty muse’.

Who isn’t tempted to go buy those lipstick colors? Or her accessories?


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JUS2 Smolder in Black and White Vogue Pictorial

Vogue Korea unveiled a smoldering pictorial featuring JUS2 members JB and Yugyeom.

On Tuesday, fashion magazine Vogue Korea releases pictures from a pictorial featuring the members of GOT7’s sub-unit JUS2. JB and Yugyeom, the members that comprise JUS2, smolder in the black and white photos with a restrained sensuality drawing a positive reaction from fans.

JYP Entertainment introduced JUS2 as the second unit from GOT7 after members JB and Jinyoung’s JJ Project, which released album Verse 2 in 2017. After debuting with their title song “Focus on Me,” JUS2 has gotten favorable reviews due to the fantastic combination of main vocalist JB and dancer Yugueom. Notably, both participated in writing and composing not only the title song but the rest of the tracks on their album.

Meanwhile, the duo will embark on an overseas showcase tour in six different countries starting in April. Moreover, during that same month, they will release the Japanese version of their debut album.




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Beauty Secret To A V Line Is … A Lifting Mask

Actress Kim Min’s secret to her youthful looks may be credited to a specific beauty item!


Actress Kim Min (45) has been attracting lots of attention for her youthful looks. The veteran actress recently posted a selfie while using a lifting mask on March 6th. Kim Min captioned the post with “Lifting jawline mask!” (face with tears of joy) #fightinggravity #itpulls. This post has many speculating the lifting mask may be the beauty secret!

Lifting masks have been widely popular in Korea as many shared their successful experience of getting a slimmer jaw line. In Korea, the current trend of beauty is having a sharp V line. As a result, Korean cosmetic companies have made “slimming masks” widely available to obtain that sharp jawline without undergoing plastic surgery.



Actress Kim Min is most remembered for her roles in Accidental Spy (2001), Go (2001) and Love Story in Harvard (2004). Kim has recently been garnering much attention after her appearance on TV Chosun’s Taste of Wife. Her portrayal of daily life in LA has been well received.


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K-Beauty Insiders Hope to Build Bridges Through Event in Atlanta

The Deputy Consul General of South Korea in Atlanta said he hopes to make further inland into the cosmetics industry in Atlanta, Georgia through K-beauty and community building.

At the Beauty Trade Show site in Georgia at the Cobb Galleria Centre, major guests including Deputy Consul General Son Young Pyo and DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson talk while looking at booths – Korea Daily

Over 100 companies gathered at the Cobb Galleria Centre on Sunday of the 12th annual Georgia Beauty Trade Show. For decades, Atlanta has served as the mecca for “Black beauty” where cosmetics and other beauty accessories tailored an African-American demographic. It is an industry that is surprisingly powered by South Koreans.

Staring in post-war South Korea, women sold their hair in exchange for money that could be used to buy food and other basic necessities, reports The Economist. The export of the product in the throughout the 1960s helped them corner a booming market in the U.S. Presently, Korean-Americans largely control the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of hair extension and wig to a customer base that is overwhelmingly Black.

Unsurprisingly, this market monopoly has spawned tension in the beauty industry. However, at this year’s Beauty Trade Show, organizers pushed a message of community building and reconciliation.

Son Young-pyo, the Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta said at the opening ceremony that with the thousands of business people in attendance that the venue becomes of “festival to communicate with each other, eat together, and share the joy as well as economic exchanges.”

As in years past, the event allowed sellers and beauty experts a space to show off trending items, new wears, and products, with a slight difference. Seeking to overcome the current division and tension in the beauty industry, there was a push to have the participating companies actively interact. Further, there was also a focus on opening a channel of communication between the local market and the Korean beauty industry.

Image source – Georgia Beauty Supply Association

This push for more K-beauty in Atlanta coincides with the ever increasing popularity of Korean popular culture products — most evidently music. Atlanta houses over 50,000 Korean-Americans and has become an increasingly appealing stop for K-pop groups touring in the U.S. Moreover, as K-beauty begins to expand their products to accommodate a broader range of needs, they also become more appealing.




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Lee Sung-Kyung Captivates in Red at Milan Fashion Week

Lee Sung-kyung, who is an actress and model, made a splash at the Fendi show at the Milan Fashion Week with her bold red style.

On her way to attend the late Karl Lagerfeld‘s Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show” held in Milan last Thursday, Lee Sung-kyung attracted attention with her red outfit.

Wearing a red textured flitz skirt, a t-shirt and short jacket both from Fendi’s Roma Amor line by Lagerfeld, Lee gained attention from media outlets who had gathered for the late designer’s last show. According to reports, sources say that people admired her “Barbie doll proportions” and ranked her high in regards to both fashion and beauty.

Last week when new of Lagerfeld’s death came to light, it was reported that Lee was invited to view his last collection in Milan.




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Actress Lee Sung-Kyung to Attend Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Fashion Show

Actress and model Lee Sung-kyung will be at a fashion show where the last of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs will be showcased.

Lee Sung-kyung
Image source – OSEN News database

Lee Sung-kyung will head to the final Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show by the late Karl Lagerfeld, which will take place at the Milan Fashion Week.

The famous designer passed away on Tuesday at the age of 85 after leading a life that had a tremendous influence on fashion as we know it today. Lagerfeld is credited with helping to form to what the luxury fashion world is today with his work as creative director of Fendi and Chanel singer 1965 and 1983, respectively.

His signature style, for himself and his collections, could be seen in the cross-section of “high fashion and high camp,” as The New York Times puts it, earned him a legion of admirers including several K-pop stars and models. From G-Dragon and CL to actress Song Hye-kyo, various celebrities who had a chance to meet or work with the prodigious designer posted messages about him as news about his passing spread.




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Sulli Reveals That the Show ‘Jinri Market’ Helped Her in New Pictorial

Sulli’s entertainment program “Jinri Market” provided her with an opportunity that she says helped her.

Sulli, a former member of f(x), sported a quirky and unique style in her latest pictorial in fashion magazine Grazia. The shoot partially reflected the city where it took place, Tokyo. Unlike the bustle that the metropolis is known for, there was a quiet and still atmosphere that allows viewers to focus on focal pieces and makeup for the upcoming spring season.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Sulli expressed her feeling about “Jinri Market” which ended recently. With filming having taken place in Europe, the singer and actress said that the show “brought me into the outside world” because she had to meet so many different people outside of what she is used to. Additionally, with the focus on the show being a pop-up shop, she also had to take on managerial duties and took part in important meetings.

Overall, she says that her biggest gain came in the form of people. ” I have vivid memories with everyone, including those involved in the pop-u, fan I met, and so on,” recalled Sulli.




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EXO Suho Shows of Luxurious Style While in Rome for Event

EXO leader Suho attended a fashion event in Rome wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Monday, EXO‘s Suho left for Rome, Italy to attend the luxury brand Bulgari’s 20th Anniversary of B.zero1 party at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

For the event, Suho wore a light pink blazer over a black long-sleeve dress shirt and plants with side embroidery. He accessorized with a simple black and white scarf and several rings — most likely Bulgari.

The K-pop star wasn’t the only star at the event. Model Bella Hadid, Liam Payne, and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and more were also in attendance. The guests were also treated to a performance from Diplo.




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Actor Won Bin Models Casual Spring Fashion in New Pictorial

Actor Hyun Bin showed off some of the key fashion for the spring season.

The men’s casual fashion brand Olzen has unveiled some piece from its new 2019 spring collection featuring handsome actor Won Bin.

Taking place all over Sydney, Australia the actor presents a casual, everyday look that everyone can pull off come spring. streamline coats and light sweaters help build a bridge from cold winter to warm spring.

The styling mostly contains basic items like t-shirts, jeans, and one casual suit. Even so, it is approachable in a way that one Olzen representative said mad it “perfect for the season.”

With the addition of Won Bin, a sense of luxury and sophistication helps step things up a bit.

During and after the shoot, staff members praised the actor for his professionalism and modeling ability. The entire pictorial can be found on the fashion brand’s official social media channels as well as on Top Mall’s website.




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BLACKPINK Jennie Leads Beauty Ideals Shift from Hot-Girl-Next-Door to Luxurious

For the first time in almost half a decade, the ideal “beauty goddess” of the South Korean entertainment industry is changing.

Image source – YG Entertainment

Beauty brands put a lot of data behind the faced they choose to model their products to capture the attention of women, who are usually high-spending consumers.

Brands measure various indexes to determine who women admire and want to be like. From this, the beauty advertising industry has revealed a change in the idealization of beauty through their marketing. New faces have begun to edge out previous long-lived celebrity brand models as new “beauty goddesses” signaling a change in beauty perceptions.

In particular, BLACKPINK member Jennie, who had a solo debut last year, has been working as an ambassador and model of several different brands for about a year. As time has gone on, her marketability has made her the most in-demand brand model out there upsetting actress Jun Ji-hyun‘s position. Since about 2015, Jun had acted as a model and standard beauty symbol in various advertisements. It is the first time in four years that another star has risen to rival her status.

Image source – Instagram

A representative from one brand said that Jennie’s rise has to do with her different look.

“Jennie has an elegant and luxurious image,” said the representative. It appears that the hot-girl-next-door image that stars like IU, Suzy, and Seolhyun have, while still marketable, may not be in as much demand.

Jennie is known as the muse of costly and opulent clothing and cosmetics. Nicknamed “Human Chanel” due to her liking of the brand, she had become a model coveted by several brands like Chanel. Along with her role in the current generation’s expansion of the Hallyu wave, she now plays a highly influential role domestically and globally.

Image source – JTBC

If Jennie works for the younger consumer group, actors from the JTBC drama” Sky Castle” have stepped into the role of models for an older generation.

Mo Art, a cosmetics company, recently selected Kim Seo-hyung and Oh Na-ra as advertising models for a new product it plans to launch. Talking about the two, the company said that they not only showed acting skills but also had good looks and great skin that belied their real age. Additionally, Yum Jung-ah is also discussing possible deals with several companies. One is reportedly looking to build a campaign around the character she portrayed in the drama.




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