Seventeen Releases Teaser for ‘Thanks’ MV

0 K-pop boy group Seventeen is ready to be back with the new title number, “Thanks.” At 12 a.m. on February 2, the group uploaded the second teaser video...

[Teaser] October Comeback Update: Davichi, GOT7, NU’EST, SF9

Davichi, GOT7, NU'EST, and SF9 release more teasers for their October returns. Earlier this week HA:TFELT, GOT7, BtoB, and EXID released teasers for their comebacks later this month....

Radiant Office 1st Teaser

New MBC drama Radiant Office coming up on Wed 10PM on March 15th

[Teaser] October Comeback Updates: GOT7, EXID, BtoB, HA:TFELT

HA:TFELT, EXID and GOT7 release beautiful teaser photos, while BtoB opts for a comedic clip. HA:TFELT In her most recent teasers Yee-un, now going by the stage name HA:TFELT,...

[Teaser] TWICE Releases Individual Teasers for “ONCE BEGINS” Fan Meeting

The individual teasers for Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Mina have been released. The teasers are part of a series of teasers for TWICE's first official fan meeting. The fan...

[2nd Teaser] KBS ‘Fight For My Way’


Girls’ Generation’s August Comeback Affects SM Entertainment in an Unexpected Way

Girls' Generation has released additional information about its 10 year anniversary comeback. The girl group will release their new album on August 7 KST, SM Entertainment confirmed...

[Teaser] IU – Palette

0 The full song will be released on April 21 at 6 P.M.
Suzy Sober

Suzy Show Elegant Charm and Beauty in Album Teasers

Suzy shows off her legendary visuals in new photo teasers for upcoming album Faces of Love. JYP Entertainment released more teaser photos of Suzy on the 21st in...

[Teaser] TWICE – ‘Signal’