[M/V] GFRIEND Releases Bright Song ‘Sunrise’

On January 14, GFRIEND made their highly anticipated comeback with album Time for Us headed by the title track “Sunrise.”

Like the name of their song, the group rose on music sites shortly after their return at 6 p.m. that day. According to iChart, by the time real-time charts froze for the night, “Sunrise” occupied the 12th spot on its list.


[M/V] VERIVERY Debute With Bright and Cheerful ‘Ring Ring Ring’

VIXX’s junior boy group VERIVERY have made their 2019 debut.


According to Jellyfish Entertainment, VERIVERY is a creative idol group who produce, choreograph and create their own video content. In particular, all the members participated in composing, writing, and design for their album VERI-US. Moreover, they also planned, filmed, and edited the music video for “Ring Ring Ring.”

As such, they are a “new type” of “evolved idols” who are directly in their production and means of communication.

Indeed, being a group that works on all processes of their products can be traced back to their name. Continuing its tradition of pulling for Latin to bring meaning to their group’s names, Veri is Latin meaning “honest” and “truth.” On the other hand, very is an adverb meaning “intensely,” “greatly,” or “exceedingly.”

[M/V] Apink Shows Off Their Charisma in ‘%%’

Apink’s maknae Hayoung shared on her Instagram with a picture promoting Apink’s new mini album ‘PERCENT’ released Jan 7 at 6pm (KST).


2019 has been with a busy start for many female Kpop idol groups like Red Velvet, BLACKPINK and now Apink as well. Apink’s 8th mini album ‘PERCENT’ was released on Jan 7 at 6pm (KST). What do PANDAs think of the M/V?

Apink’s Hayoung promoted her group’s new mini by sharing a photo with pink hair and background with the caption ‘%%’  the name of their title song, which means (응응) or yes yes in Korean.



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[M/V] Old Love Is Like a ‘Bad Habit’ Says Shaun is New Song

At the start of the new year, singer Shaun released his first single following his hit “Way Back Home” last year. Although the singer will be entering the army soon, hopefully, 2019 will prove to be a better year than last.

In 2018, Shaun released “Way Back Home” and it dominated charts with a wistful melody and lyrics. However, industry insiders and fans alike insinuated that he had manipulated music charts to achieve his success. In response, Shaun and his agency denied the accusations.


[M/V] Check Out f(x) Amber’s Song ‘Countdown’ Featuring LDN Noise

Have you checked out Amber’s latest song? The f(x) member released “Countdown” at the end of November 30 and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more.


[M/V] BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub Asks Fans to Remember Him Even When He’s “Gone”

BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub delivers a heartfelt message to fans in “Gone,” the title track to his first solo album “Mark”

On December 11, BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub released his first solo album “Mark” along with the title track “Gone.” Previously, Lee mentioned that he had hoped to leave a “mark” in the industry with this album as he faces military enlistment in January.

Title track “Gone” is a Pop Ballad that incorporates Lee’s soothing voice and an excited band sound. The lyrics tells a story of a person who desires to run away from the hardships of a dark and isolated world with the person he loves. However, they also represent what Chang-Sub had hoped to express to fans prior to his military enlistment.

Furthermore, the music video features Apink’s Chorong, who is also known as a real-life best friend of Lee Chang-Sub. The two appear as people who aspire to be singers and encourage one another to pursue after their dreams.

Check it out below!


[M/V] Check Out Coogie’s New Track ‘Justin Bieber’ Featuring Jay Park

Both Coogie and Jay Park contributed to the lyrics of the new song “Justin Bieber.” Can you figure out why the song is named after the pop singer?