[M/V] Baek Yerin Ends 2-Year Hiatus with ‘Maybe It’s Not Our Fault’

Singer Baek Yerin has made a comeback after more than two years out of the spotlight.


The last song that Baek Yerin released was her Christmas single “Love You on Christmas,” in December 2016. Since then, her fans have lamented the vocalist’s hiatus and wondered when the singer would be back. Indeed, it seems like Baek’s fans and their consistent support played a part in her return.

On Monday, the singer took to social media where she thanked her supporters. “It’s thanks to you,” she wrote to fans. ” I would have achieved nothing without the love and patience the fans who waited for me gave. I really appreciate your love and respect,” said Baek.

The title track “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault,” is from Baek’s second solo mini-album Our Love is Great. It details problems in a relationship and overcoming them together. Meanwhile, Yerin debuted in 2012 as part of the duo 15& with Park Ji-min.

[M/V] Red Velvet Yeri Releases New Song ‘Dear Diary’ on SM Station

Red Velvet is the latest artists to release a song on the third season of SM Station, a digital music project that allows its artist to work their creative muscles.


Notably, this is Yeri’s first solo music project independent of her group Red Velvet. Impressively, the singer wrote the lyric for her SM Station song “Dear Diary,” which conveys the unique sentimentalities of people in their twenties. With the song’s fresh and love charm and an addictive melody, it had raised people’s expectation of what to expect from the singer should she decide to release more music in the future.

[M/V] Sunmi Critiques Social Media in Her New Song ‘Noir’

Singer Sunmi is back with her new song “Noir,” which critiques the effects of living in a world where social media seems to dictate people’s lives.

As the name of the song implies, there is a dark undertone to the lyrics and the subject matters depicted in the music video. With it being prescient in the same way that Dean’s song “Instagram” was last year, this song is sure to hit home for many people.


[M/V] Super Junior Remakes ‘Ahora Te Puedes Marchar’ Starring SNSD Yuri

Super Junior releases remake of Luis Miguel’s ‘Ahora Te Puedes Marchar’ starring Girl’s Generation Yuri!


Super Junior, the first Kpop idol group to list on Billboard’s Latin based chart in 2018, released a remake of Luis Miguel’s Ahora Te Puedes Marchar on March 1st as a special video. Girl’s Generation Yuri starred as the female protagonist of the members’ affection. What do you think of the 80s look?

Girl’s Generation Yuri has been very supportive of her SuJu oppas by posting about their remake on her social media.


By Sara N


[M/V] GOT7’s Unit JUS2 Debuts with the Hypnotic ‘Focus On Me’

GOT7’s new two-person unit JUS2 composed of JB and Yugyeom have released their FOCUS, their first mini-album.

The unit’s debut album is headed by the title track “Focus on Me,” a hypnotic song that features dark R&B rhythms. Check it out here.


[M/V] New Girl Group, The Pink Lady Debuts with ‘God Girl’

A new girl group is in town, The Pink Lady debuts with ‘God Girl’ that shows of their amazing vocals!


On February 20, the popsical (pop/musical) girl group, The Pink Lady officially debuted with their first digital single with God Girl. As a 5 membered girl group, OD Entertainment has been teasing the Kpop scene with various content since January. Check out the M/V!


The Pink Lady made their first appearance on stage on MBC’s Show Champion on February 20. What do you think of The Pink Lady?




By Sara N


[M/V] ITZY Debuts with Energetic and Rebellious ‘Dalla Dalla’

JYP Entertainment’s new girl group ITZY just made their debut with the energetic song “Dalla Dalla” where they express how being different is empowering.

So far, the girl group seems to have hit the ground running having already accumulated 15 million views for their music video.


[M/V] CLC Exudes Self-Confidence and Nonconformity in ‘No’

Following the success of their last album Black Dress, group CLC has returned with their eighth mini-album No. 1, which is described as being more mature and refined.

Leading the album is the title track “No,” a song with lyrics that express pride and confidence. Indeed, the singers aren’t going to fit themselves into one box to suit the desire of others.


[M/V] HAON Releases Video for Digital Single ‘Flower’

Check out HAON’s newest song “Flower” produced by Avin.

Last week, the “High School Rapper” winner released a teaser that captivated listeners with a unique beat and his rhythmic rap style. Further, the release comes months after his first single after winning the survival show and signing with H1GHR Music.