Actress Lim Soo-hyang and Astro member Cha Eun-woo officially confirmed to take the leads in the drama adaptation of comic series “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”

The cast confirmation for “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” makes K-drama fans excited, as both lead roles realize the original characters’ images exactly.

The drama adaptation of online comic series of the same title, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” follows the story of female character “Mi-rae,” who has traumas about her outer appearance. In the story, Mi-rae dreams a new life and changes her appearance through plastic surgeries. However, her college life doesn’t go as she expected and Mi-rae gets to re-define what “beauty” truly means.

FN Entertainment, Fantagio Music, and Naver Webtoon

Lim Soo-hyang is to act out Mi-rae’s role, who decides to have plastic surgeries after spending an unhappy childhood, being bullied for her appearance. K-pop boy group Astro’s member Cha Eun-woo is taking the male lead Do Kyung-seok, the handsome yet ice-cold guy who doesn’t count on pretty women because of his childhood trauma related to mom.

“As the two actors took the top places on the imaginary casting poll, the upcoming drama is expected to show perfect synchronization with the original work,” said staffs.

“My ID is Gangnam Beauty” will premiere in July through JTBC, following “Sketch.”


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