The return of Kim Byung-man ushers in a new season of “Law of the Jungle”.


The cast for the upcoming season of the survival show “Law of the Jungle” has been confirmed. This coming season will take place on the Cook Islands, which are located in the South Pacific.

The cast will include actors Lee Chun-hee and Park Jung-chul as return guests. They will be distributed evenly to the different participant teams to relieve some of the burden from host Kim Byung-man. In the first group, Lee Chun-hee will be joined by GOT7 JB, CNBLUE Lee Jong-hyun, Solbin from LABOUM, and golfer Park Se-ri. On the other side, Park Jung-chul, Kim Jung-tae, Lee Da-hee, and Jung Joon-young will make up the second group.

Additionally, filming will begin in late October, which is only a few weeks after Kim Byung-man confirmed he would return to the show. Mr. Kim suffered a spinal injury during a sky-diving incident back in July. The producer of the show, Min Seon-hong, said that he monitored Mr. Kim’s recovery. When the two spoke and Mr. Kim confirmed his return, Mr. Min thought that having a cast who work well together in the jungle would be great.

GOT7 JB and LABOUM Solbin has already conducted interviews earlier this year but weren’t able to join because of their schedules. Furthermore, Lee Da-hee expressed her desire to appear on the show a few years ago. Lastly, famed golfer Park Se-ri was the last member to join the cast due to her hesitation with the concept of the show. Mr. Min described the process saying, “one-by-one a meaningful cast was created.”

The producer expressed his expectations for the new season of Law of the Jungle. ” Even in the previous ‘Wild New Zealand’. I want to hear people talk about the show. I want everyone to look forward to another Law of the Jungle.”

By O.C