The team behind Netflix original Korea drama “Kingdom 2” mourn the loss of a staff member.

On Tuesday, a staff member surnamed Lee was on his way to work on “Kingdom 2” never made it to the filming location in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province. Sadly, on the way to there, Lee got into a fatal car accident that took his life. Reportedly, Lee was transporting props for filming, which made the news even more heartbreaking.

Talking about the accident, the production team said that the entire team is mourning the loss. “After hearing the sad news about [Lee] we are all grieving,” they said. Offering their deepest sympathies and condolences to the deceased and family members, they have decided to stop filming for the time being. They plan to honor a period of mourning for all those involved in the production.

Meanwhile, “Kingdom” and its second season, is a mystery thriller that takes place during the tail-end of the Joseon Dynasty. With a sickness that appears to reanimate the dead, the prince and his trusted colleagues are the only hope the country has.




By O.C