High Cut Korea Magaize released two pictorials of the “Along With the Gods: The Two World” cast.

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Image source: High Cut Korea Magazine

“Along With the Gods: The Two World” is an upcoming and highly anticipated fantasy drama film from the mind of Kim Yong-hwa. The film set to premiere on December 20 (wide release on Dec. 22) stars well-known actors Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kim Hyang-gi as the main cast of the film.

Other supporting actors in the film include Ma Dong-seok, Lee Jung-jae, and Do Kyung-soo, better known as D.O. from boy group EXO, among many other. With Director Kim behind the camera, a roster of good actors, and an interesting story have made this one of the most anticipated films of the year.

The Origins

The film is based on a popular comic series “With God” (literal translation), by Joo Ho-min. The story is composed of three major arcs published as different volumes. The three arcs are the underworld, the living world, and the gods.

Image source: High Cut Korea Magazine
Lee Jung-jae, Jang Gwang, Kim Su-an, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Seung-joon

The “With God” tells a satirical story about the world and the intertwined destiny of gods and man. Moreover, what makes the story unique is the use of Korea’s traditional gods and several main characters. Moreover, the comic was first published in 2010 and ran until 2012.

The Characters

In an interview after the photo shoot, Cha Tae-hyun revealed that he had come across the story before when he was shooting for another film.

Cha Tae-hyun

“On the set of the film, “Because I Love You”, was when I first encountered the story. There was an old bookcase onsite. I found it really interesting so I went out to a commercial area to try and find it, but I couldn’t. Then, just a week later I got a casting call for this film.”

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Lee Jung-hae, Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi

At that time he had only read the second volume, and felt he could only act as Ja-hong (the main character), but did not think he would get the role. Spoiler alert, he got the role.

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Kim Dong-wook

Kim Dong-wook plays the role of an army soldier who died a tragic death. On the role, he said, ” I talked a lot with the director about the character. The resentment that the character had for the way he dies had to be expressed clearly.”

Lee Jung-jae

Lee Jung-jae takes on the role of the King of the underworld. And reveals that he laugh when he got the casting request. He asked “Do i have to prepare myself (for the underworld)?”. Jung-jae almost refused the role. However, after thinking about it a few days, I got another call from a friend in the film’s producting asking him to do it as a favor. In the end, he “transformed into the god of the underworld becuase of a 30-year friendship.”

You can read the interview and view all photos in their entirety in High Cut’s 211th volume set to release on Dec. 7.

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