After allegations of sexual harassment and assault against prolific actor Oh Dal-su arose during the Korean #MeToo movement, the actor stopped all of his activities. Now his new agency is looking to pick up the pieces left behind.

Image source – OSEN News database

According to an earlier report from one media outlet, after his contract expired last September actor Oh Dal-su met with several different agencies to look for a new representative. Ultimately, he joined C-JeS Entertainment (C-JeS) the home of such talent as Kim Jaejoong, Hong Jong-hyun, Choi Min-sik, and Hwang Jung-eum.

With his new home in entertainment established, there was some speculation that the actor intended to return to regular activities. However, given the gravity of accusations put against the actor, many felt that it was inappropriate. It seems like C-JeS is aware of this sentiment and has decided to clarify what they are doing with actor Oh.

“We are working on figuring out his unpublished projects, ” said an agency representative, ” but we don’t mean to start any full-scale activities.”

The actor stepped down from several projects including the second installment of the “Along with the Gods” film, “My Mister,” and more. While producers were able to continue and work through his sudden absence, movies that the actor filmed and completed but were not released before the #MeToo movement don’t have it so easy.

The agency said that there are three films that have not been released because of Oh’s involvement including Control and I Want to See Your Parents’ Faces, (working title) a movie about parents being called to a school meeting about a student found unconscious. Besides Oh, Sol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri, and Ko Chang-seok star in the film.

Among his unrealized films, I Want to See You Parents’ Faces is the most important since he plays a crucial part in the plot and cannot be edited out. Moreover, the movie also cost 6 to 8 billion won to make, and the filmmakers and distributors have also decided they cannot wait any longer.



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