Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Making Solo Comeback in November


Miryo will be making a solo comeback this month with a song featuring Killagramz from “Show Me The Money”.


According to music insiders, Miryo will release a solo track mid-November. It has been a little bit over two years since her last solo song, “Queen“, which was released in 2015.

Last year released a collaborative track, “Rock-Scissors-Paper“, with fellow “Unpretty Rapstar 3” contestant Big Pink. Moreover, this previous release — a song with a powerful sound and image — has only increased anticipation for the new track.

Accordingly, with this upcoming solo track featuring “Show Me the Money 6” favorite Killagramz it expected to be explosive. Both Miryo and Killagramz, through their participation in hip-hop survival programs have built a reputation for their unique rapping skills and rhyming schemes.

By O.C