It was clear when SISTAR amicably separated that Hyolyn had some big plans in mind.

hyorin bridge hyolyn
Starship Entertainment – LOEN Entertainment

On November 13 Hyolyn announced the official establishment of her company, Bridge. Bridge is the brain child of Hyolyn and her creative director to create a hub and venue for collaboration. However, the two were not just thinking of musical collaborations — but collaborations across various fields involving people from all over the world. Like its name, Bridge will not only act as a link between different artists and creative persons, but also as link of communication between consumers and the artists themselves.

hyorin bridge
Logo design for Bridge via Instagram @xhyolynx

As a founder Hyolyn will also be the flagship artists under Bridge. Hyolyn also made it clear that she has plans for full-fledged solo activities in the announcement. Hyolyn expressed her desire as a solo artist to begin working on an album with a sound that would be uniquely her’s. The singer’s unique sound will be a combination of collaboration and experimentation with different musicality.

After the announcement Hyolyn took to social media to send a heartfelt message to fans, SISTAR, and Starship entertainment. She wrote,”Today was made possible because of Starship Entertainment and the SISTAR members. I am pleased to announce that I will be able to express my gratitude with the company (Bridge).”

Bridge’s official channels will now announce and update the singer’s activities. Prior to this announcement Hyolin collaborated with Kisum for a fun summer song and recently appeared on “Fantastic Duo”.

By O.C