Boy group phenoms Wanna One selected as fitness brand models for athletic brand Reebok.

Image source – Reebok

Korean pop idol group Wanna One has been selected as Reebok’s Asian models for the second half of 2018. Additionally, the group will start their partnership with the fitness brand with the release of campaign footage and photo clips beginning today.

Regarding the announcement, a Reebok representative said that “We’re pleased to be with the best idol group, Wanna One. We expect positive energy, unique styles, and incredible synergy (with the group). We hope that you will pay attention to the activities the group will be performing with our company.”

Further, Reebok plans to launch various campaigns with concepts that highlight the idol group’s image and personality. More, the members will also promote pieces that they like in what is called “Wanna One’s Pick.”

Part of their appealĀ to the athletic brand has to do with the Wanna One’s explosive popularity. Recently, the group made a comeback with “Light,” showing a masculine and sophisticated charm Wanna One is moving beyond Korea to become world idols. In particular, the group has launched a worldwide tour, which is expected to be successful, although there have been some changes.

In the meantime, starting at the end of June the fitness brand will offer a special package in partnership with Dazed Magazine that includes an exclusive photo.



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