The couple, who have an 11 year age difference, just announced they intend to get married next year.

Image source – OSEN News

A couple has been born. Music video director Lee Sa-gang and Bigflo member Ron surprised the public with news that the two are going to marry. Up until now, the two have managed to keep their relationship a secret with no rumors or stories making their way onto social media or news networks.

A representative of Bigflo confirmed the news, stating that the two will seal the deal next year in January. Further, according to the representative the tow have dated for about a year and a half before deciding to get married. In addition to the speaking to the press, the group’s agency HO Company also posted an announcement on the group’s official blog, informing fans of the situation.

On the blog, the company informed fans the two have been dating for a year and six months in a supportive and loving relationship. Once the two decided to get married, Ron approached the company to present this to the agency. In response, HO Company decided to support the couple’s choice.

Image source – OSEN News

In addition to the sudden news, the couple is garnering attention because of their age difference. Lee was born in 38, while Ron, who was born in 1991 is 27 years old. Many speculate that their relationship came about organically given that Lee works closely with many idols since she directs music videos and commercials.

Lee is a former student of Chung-Ang University where she majored in drama and studied abroad in London. She later went on to get a master’s degree in art at the Graduate School of Art at the University of St. Martins. Further, Lee also earned a degree in Film Studies in London. In Korea, she has worked with the 9MUSES, Jung Joon-young, 2AM, and Eric Nam, establishing a reputation for directing beautiful music videos.

On the other hand, Ron debuted with Bigflo in 2014, which is active in both Korea and Japan. Their upcoming concerts and Korean fan meeting on December 22 will be held without a hitch.



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