Seungri is already known for his business savvy but has mostly delved into the entertainment and food world.

Image source – YG Entertainment

BIGBANG member Seungri is entering the social networking VR (virtual reality) world. On the 7th of this month, the singer and entertainer will be inaugurated at the CEO of the VR franchise brand HeadLockVR.

This is particularly notable because it is the BIGBANG’s member’s first business in the IT sector. Seungri is already known for his business savvy with multiple establishments. However, so far, the majority of these businesses are in the food and entertainment sectors like his famous ramen restaurant.

Commenting on this expansion, the singer said that he feels honored and that he will work to “lead a new concept in entertainment culture” that will delight people. Although details have not been released about the business, he is planning to have a presentation at the inauguration ceremony.


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