A news article reports the Hongdae club owner¬†is not Big Bang Seungri but YG’s Yang Hyun Suk!


On March 5th, OSEN reports a news article by Cookie News has been gaining lots of attention for Hongdae’s club belonging to YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, not Big Bang’s Seungri. Cookie News reports Seungri posted he was the owner of a new Hongdae club in 2017, known as Club X. Although that club is currently doing business under a different name, Love Signal, research has proven the club owner is not Big Bang Seungri but Company A.

YG’s founder Yang Hyun Suk is known to have 70% ownership of Company A while the remaining 30% belongs to YG’s CEO Yang Min Suk (Yang Hyun Suk’s brother).


Through this news article, many are confused as to how Club X aka Club Love signal is related to the Burning Sun scandal and Seungri’s alleged prostitution case. Many speculation as to whether this article is trying to make inferences about Burning Sun’s scandal.


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