BewhY speaks candidly about music and his appreciation for fans in an interview with Elle Magazine.

Image source – Elle Magazine

Rapper BewhY is known to have a unique interest in fashion, which showed in his photo shoot for the October issue of Elle Magazine. For the shoot, the rapper wears a variety of styles ranging from a full suit to an overside jacket over a relaxed outfit. Notably, his signature hairstyle played a large part in adding an edge to each look.

During the accompanying interview, BewhY revealed straightforward thoughts on music and life. In particular, he showed a strong drive to create unique music. When it’s time to make a song, the rapper asks himself if a song like his own already exist in the entire world or not. Further, he divulges that until he is sure that nothing like it exists, he won’t even announce that he is working on new music. This is a practice that he calls “my standard.”

His standard pays off however rigorous the process. ” I really appreciate the interest and love of those who listen to [my] music,” he said. Further, he said that he has even visited fan accounts that post pictures of him on Instagram and “likes” them to express his gratitude.

More pictures and the full interview are available in Elle Magazine.



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