GAROSUGIL – Shopping

The street located across Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong-dong, Garosugil is one of the most well-known shopping streets in the city. Ranging from cosmetics to apparel to interior decoration products, you can find a wide variety of shops presenting so many things both you and your mom would love.

You can also find quality restaurants in the area, so treat yourselves and moms with nice dinners after shopping!

Queen Mama Market

Queen Mama Market is such a fun store to explore if you’re interested in lifestyle products. Known as an “urban lifestyle shop,” the five-story building presents a guide to a chic and modern, yet homey life in an urban setting.

Enter the store through the hidden door, where you will be greeted by stylish gardening products. Each floor presents different themes and corresponding vendors, so don’t hesitate to climb up the stairs to find your cup of tea.

It would also be a great idea to meet your mom on the top floor after shopping individually. Manufact Coffee brews quality coffee presents a great view from its panoramic windows.


JONGNO – Palace Tour

Visits to historic sites may sound dull and boring and you might want to leave it for history lessons. However, Seoul’s palaces during this time of the year turn into beautiful botanical gardens, great for a walk with mom.

To make your palace tour more special, rent beautiful hanbok, Korean traditional dresses, and dress up as a royal family. There are numerous rental stores nearby and the rate is pretty affordable.


If you don’t have enough time to look around all five palaces in the city, put Changgyeonggung on the top priority. The Victorian-style greenhouse, which was built in 1907 and reopened to the public last year after renovation, is the one and only spot you can find here.

Besides the greenhouse, Changgyeong-gung is especially known for its beautifully decorated botanical gardens. The gardens change their colors by the season, but spring is certainly the prettiest season to visit the palace.


HANNAM-DONG – Foodie’s Favorite

Located right next to Itaewon, Hannam-dong is a trendy hotspot which houses boutique cafes, restaurants, and bars, as well as chic concept stores. Compared to its neighboring town, Hannam-dong tends to be more luxurious and trendy. For this reason, we recommend this neighborhood if you want to enjoy something special in the urban setting.

There are lots of shops and cafes to explore, but restaurants here at Hannam-dong are the true gems. While reflecting the cultural variety of the cuisine in Itaewon, restaurants in Hannam-dong bring their dishes to another level, adding special details that are differentiated from others.


It is hard to define the genre of cuisine Dotz presents. Vaguely explaining itself as a New Asian restaurant, Dotz serves various delicacies which harmoniously put different cultures together.

The restaurant serves different menus during the day and by night. On the brunch menu, Katsu Sando and porridges stand out. For dinner, we highly recommend the Crispy Eggplant, which goes well with other rice or noodle items. Their deep-frying skill is outstanding anyways, so anything fried won’t fail you. Don’t skip on the dessert – Dotz Bao is a must-try filled with layers of surprises!


By Heewon Kim