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Rapper Beenzino (Lim Sung-been) shared photos of the ‘flower shoe (꽃신)’ that he gifted to his girlfriend, Stefanie Michova.

On February 22nd, Beenzino posted multiple photos of the ‘flower shoe’ that he made himself on Instagram. In Korea, wearing a pair of ‘flower shoe’ means that a girl has successfully waited for her boyfriend to finish his military duty.

Beenzino wrote: “I finally gave Stefanie ‘꽃신’. I originally wanted to give her on the day I was discharged, but I had not finished the decoration. And now we are always together, I didn’t have time to finish decorating them. But I was able to sneak out somehow and finish them!”

On February 17th, Beenzino completed his military duty at the Gangwon-do Chungsung Unit after a year and 9 months of serving. On that day, his girlfriend Stefanie Michova went out to welcome him back and shared the moment on Instagram.

Beenzino and his German model Michova has been dating since they went public in May, 2015.

Beenzino went to Seoul University where he studied sculpture. He debuted in 2010 through the group Jazzyfact, and has been releasing many albums both as a group and a solo artist.


Original article
by Audrey Joung