On Sunday, Beenzino’s girlfriend waited for the rapper to walk through the military base’s gate to greet him.

Image source – Beenzino’s Instagram

Rapper Beenzino (Lim Sung-bin) was discharged from the military on Sunday morning and had an emotional reunion with his German model girlfriend Stephanie Michova and his family. The couple has been together for five years and for two of those years they spent in mostly apart due to Lim’s mandatory military service.

Lim shared their reunion on social media where he shared a photo. This has become a common practice for the couple that went public with the relationship in 2015. Since then, they have demonstrated their unwavering affection for each other by releasing photos of the two of them together. Further, although they are a famous couple, they enjoy simple ordinary dates and occasionally wear couple’s clothing.

Back in 2016, the rapper talked about how the two have managed to maintain their relationship despite living in different countries. Lim explained that “cell phones are important to us” and said that they are in constant communication. “We basically talk about what we did in a day, about annoying things, about pleasant things,” he said. “and we talk about it before going to bed.”




By O.C