Image in courtesy of Ehwa School Uniform

Have you ever dreamed to go to school in Korea? Even if you haven’t, those cute school uniforms shown in recent TV shows like “Produce 101” and “Idol School” certainly have special appeals.

Right next to Lotte World in Jamsil, there is a special clothing rental store which evokes the nostalgia you didn’t even have. At Ehwa Gyobok, which is also alternatively called Ehwa School Uniform, you can try a wide variety of Korean school uniforms that will make you feel like one of the local students.

Image in courtesy of Ehwa School Uniform

The variety of uniforms available at Ehwa Gyobok includes some of the real-life ones from a selected number of schools known for their uniform designs. What truly appeal to many, however, are the replicas of the uniforms from the popular idol group audition show, “Produce 101.”

Turn into the 102nd member of “Produce 101” and head out to take selfies. The nearest destination, Lotte World, is only minutes away. The bridge in front of the castle and carousel are the two signature photo spots. If you prefer a less crowded place, Seokchon Lake Park and Han River Park are great outdoor options as well.

The rental store itself has great selfie studio as well. A corner of the store is decorated just like the studio of “Idol School,” perfectly matching the whole theme. Ample lighting and pink walls make the powder room a great photo zone as well.

Image in courtesy of Ehwa School Uniform

Visit Ehwa Gyobok’s website for further details about the rental fee and other information!


By Heewon Kim