Baskin-Robbins Korea’s new serving option “Ten Mini” allows customers to enjoy ten different flavors in a cone.

Image in courtesy of SPC Group

Do you have trouble choosing one flavor out of so many available at Baskin-Robbins? This new scoop option available from local stores in Korea will take care of your trouble.

Forthrightly named, “Ten Mini,” Baskin-Robbins Korea’s new serving option is served in a waffle cone, with ten mini scoops of your choice.

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Not to mention that it gives more flavors to enjoy, the ice cream cone’s bouquet-like presentation will allow a visual pleasure as well.

In addition to the ice cream bouquet, the limited flavors available only in Korea make the ice cream shop worth visiting. Popular local flavors include “Chocolate Forest,” which is a green tea and chocolate ice cream with crunchy chocolate ball toppings. “Puss in Boots,” which is named “My Mom is an Alien” in Korea, is also one of the must-try flavors in local stores.


By Heewon Kim