BTS performing DNA on the stage of AMA [AP]

The founder of BigHit Entertainment Bang Si-hyuk shared the ultimate goal for BTS.

In the recent interview with an international media, Bang revealed that he has always had high expectations for the group, adding that the group’s ultimate goal is “to become the best artist in the world.”

“Actually, I’ve been sharing the goal with the group members since right after their debut,” said him. “When I shared the goal with others, they scoffed at me, saying ‘It’s nice that you dream big.’”

Bang Si-hyuk [BigHit Entertainment]

Although he had high expectations for BTS as artists, he kept the concept friendly. In 2013, Bang shared the concept of the group being “heroes whom you can lean on.”

Similarly, in the interview with JoongAng Ilbo right after the release of BTS’s second album, he mentioned that he wants the members to be “friendly neighbor boys” who give positive influences to the fans.

Members of the group also liked to interact with fans, which derived synergetic effects, according to Bang.

As BTS has grown to be a group with the power to shake the world, Bang Si-hyuk can now proudly declare his goal – the goal not to stop at being a global K-pop group, but not to forget the DNA as artists.


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Translated by Heewon Kim