Baek Ye-rin has finally confirmed her upcoming comeback on March 18.

JYP Ent.

On March 11, JYP Entertainment announced Baek Ye-rin’s upcoming comeback through a teaser poster.

The poster indicates the album title, “Our Love Is Great,” and the release date and time on March 18 at 6 PM. In the image, the singer is posing in the woods with a pink rose in her hands, as if implying the dreamy mood of her new album.

“Our Love Is Great” makes the first comeback in 2 years and 3 months. Her last album was released during the Christmas season in 2016, under the title, “Love You on Christmas.”

Debuted as a member of 15& with Park Ji-min in 2012, Baek Ye-rin has captivated many with her mesmerizing voice. Her popular songs include “Across the Universe” and “Bye bye my blue.”


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