Baek Jong-won, who is known for his successful food franchise businesses as well as frequent TV appearances, opened up about his plan for the globalization of Korea cuisine.


On March 9 episode of “Conversation with Hee-yeol,” Baek Jong-won make a guest appearance to share various thoughts about his business and the future of Korean cuisine. As one of the plans for the globalization of Korean cuisine, Baek Jong-won is planning to launch his own YouTube channel.

“The global market is really good, but Korean cuisine has a long way to go to the globalization,” he said. “But I see the infinite room for growth. I want to help the growth as well.”

Talking about global cuisine, Baek Jong-won said that Korea is in the initial phase of the globalization. “People think that the global population is enthusiastic about Korean food, but that’s not really true,” he emphasized, saying that Korean cuisine is actually at a crisis. “It’s just one particular option some people choose when they eat out.”

“In China, for example, not everyone there understands the concept of Korean food. For a thing to be globalized, it has to be enjoyed popularly, not limitedly by a particular group of people.


At the same time, he highlighted that the recipe must be kept original. As a part of his effort to share the original recipes, Baek Jong-won plans a YouTube channel. Through the online platform, he will share authentic Korean recipes in different languages.

“I might even beg for subscriptions and likes later,” Baek Jong-won laughed and said.


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