Former Wanna One member Bae Jin-young plans to hold his first solo fan meeting with fans before heading overseas.

Image source – C9 Entertainment

On Thursday morning, C9 Entertainment announced that former Wanna One member Bae Jin-young will hold his very first solo fan meeting in Korea. The event is set to take place at Kyung-Hee University Grand Peace Palace on April 27 and 28.

While the fan meeting is several weeks away, fans don’t have to wait too long to buy tickets — preorders go on same March 7. Later on the 11th, regular tickets will be sold on Interpark’s ticketing site.

Starting with a fan meeting in South Korea, the K-pop star will head overseas to eight cities in seven different countries. In May he will be in the Philipines, then head over to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan through June. Given the popularity of Wanna One and this being his first solo fan meeting tour, there might be a fierce battle over tickets.

Meanwhile, Bae will make his official debut outside of Wanna One as part of boy group C9BOYZ (tentative name) in the second half of this year.




By O.C