Actress and model Bae Doona didn’t talk to Cha Tae-Hyun personally, but she played an important part in his decision to take a role in “The Best Divorce.”

 Cha Tae-Hyun
Image source – OSEN News

Actor Cha Tae-Hyun has talked about his reasons for choosing to return to television in the new KBS drama “The Best Divorce” in a recent interview.

The new monthly drama is a romantic comedy that begins with the questions “is marriage really the completion of love?” The idea of marriage is that is the final culmination of a romantic relationship, and all the couple has to do is live happily-ever-after. However, this is not always (if not rarely) the case.

I wanted to try different characters,” Cha said as he explained why he chose to join the drama. “I was attracted because I was different from the characters I’ve played, and because I can relate to [it because of] my age and circumstances,” he said.

Given that, Cha also reveals that he was also motivated because of the other actors — in particular Bae Doona. “When I got the casting offer I was looking forward to working alongside Bae Doona,” he explained.

More, Cha said that as the worked together, he was full of admiration due to her acting skills. Talking about this, the actor said that Bae “is a world-class actress” and hopes that viewers enjoy their performance.

KBS dramas have not performed that well this year, but with Cha and Bae bother returning to television after a long break, expectations and excitement for the show have climbed.

Meanwhile, KBS will air the drama on October 10.



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