Actress Bae Doo-na received an offer to appear in Writer Kim Eun-hee’s new work, ‘Kingdom’.


Bae Doo-na’s agency, SBD Entertainment, announced that the actress was in the middle of reviewing the offer. Actors Ryu Seung-ryong and Joo Ji-hoon are also considering the roles.

The actress is currently filming the movie, ‘Drug King’ in Busan, alongside actors Song Kang-ho and Jo Jung-suk. She is also set to appear in an American drama, which may present a scheduling conflict.

Many fans are hoping for her to join the cast line-up for ‘Kingdom’.

‘Kingdom’ is about a Choson crown prince who goes out to investigate a mysterious plague while revealing the cruel truth that threatens the safety of the nation. Global streaming site, Netflix, is in charge of producing eight episodes for this drama.

Writer Kim Eun-hui from ‘Phantom’, ‘Sign’ and ‘Signal’, and Director Kim Sung-hoon from ‘A Hard Day’ and ‘Tunnel’ will be overseeing this drama.


Original article
by Park So-young

Translated by Janet Kang